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Monday, 12 March 2018


I stood up and walk through the front door and enter the passage while she came out from inside her store, she was in front while I follow from behind looking at her mighty backyard from the rapper she wore, looks like she knows that am looking at her ass so she started shaking it very well and also walking slowly to slow us down, of course her magic worked as my dickson started increasing in lenght, I tried to bring it down but her venom was too strong for me so I decided to turn my eyes away from her ass, I turn my eyes to my right hand and when we pass Aneeta's room I noticed that her door is unlock, I wanted to stop and knock but I later shun her maybe when am done with Mama Favor I will come back and knock, we reach the last room on our right and then she stop and open the door and said "after you" signaling me to enter, I enter the little room everywhere was empty.
Me: waoh thanks a lot ma, I really appreciate.
Mama: oh no don't thank me, you know the type of appreciation I want.
She said and started walking to me with a seducing face, she took her right hand and started licking it, see this old woman wan they play yvoonne Nelson for me, and the act they work oh.
I started moving back closer to the wall,
Me: mama favor not now na, later in the night.
Mama: so what will you do with that thing bulging out from your trouser?
I thought she didn't see it oh,
Me: ermmmm It will go down by itself.
"Oh come on." she said and pushed me to the wall and thenshe started kissing me I don't any other choice than to replicate, we engage ourself in kissing and then she moved her right hand down, touch my hard dickson and started stroking it hard, I said "uhmmmm" enjoying the movement of her hand, I was so into it that I move her rapper from her boobs and started kissing the left one while massaging the right one with my right hand, she raised her head up and started saying" ummmm, suck me dear, you are good" I continue sucking while she continue stroking, as we were doing it suddenly we heard a door opened and somebody started walking to were we are, we quickly adjust, Mama favor adjust her rapper well while I walked to the window opening it and closing so that the person coming won't see the Anaconda down my leg.
The person came and without even knocking opened the door.
"Ozila what are you doing here with mama Favor?" see kweshion.

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