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Tuesday, 13 March 2018


"Good morning aunty Aneeta" I greet her.
"his landlord is renovating and he told me he need room for two weeks" said Mama Favor.
There was still some kind of "I don't believe" showing on her face but anyway she didn't catch us and since Mama Favor is a deaconess she won't think otherwise.
Aneeta: really, and you didn't tell me Ozila?
Me: they just told me last night after I returned from the party, how did you know I was even here?
Aneeta: I was heaaring noises here I taught Lizzy is back (her former mate that lives here before).
Mama: oh well he will stay only two weeks, okay ozila take care, make I go my shop.
Me: okay thanks ma.
She left us there while Aneeta told me to follow her to her room, I followed her from behind she's still on her night gown.
"Are you not going to work?" I asked as she opened the door to her room.
Aneeta: I called in sick I can't work today.
Me: because of what happened yesterday?
Aneeta: yeah and I don't want to talk about it.
Me: okay.
I relaxed on the big chair while she sat on the chair staring at me awkwardly.
Me: what is it?
Aneeta: Ozila, tell me the truth please tell me there is nothing going on between you and Mama Favor.
Me: like seriously? What possible thing could be going?
Aneeta: I don't know that's why am asking because the way you guys were in that room I suspect something.
Me: something like what Aneeta?
Aneeta: tell me you are not having sex with her.
Me: holy poo, is that how you look me? Sleeping with a married woman? I only asked her help and she agreed what is even wrong with you is that why you told me to come in.
Aneeta: no am sorry Ozila just listen (she was waving her hand in a way to tell me to calm down).
Me: no am done listening to you, I've got lot of work to do today, see you later.
I said and bash out of her room, she called me thrice even following me to the door but I didn't listen. I was walking out of the house when I heard her shout "am sorry" I didn't stop walking I left their house forming jaddon, now she will come back begging and then I will have the opportunity to say my mind to her now that she is single, but what am I going to tell someone that is older than me ten time? She is done with school, a working class waiting for the right man to propose to her then I will come saying will you be my girlfriend? Lol its hilarious isn't it? Oh well her heart has been pierced she is not thinking clearly now so anything is possible, I will do my best and I pray God help me, can I hear Amen?.

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