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Wednesday, 14 March 2018


I got home and open my door wide, I raised my bed up and dust it, I arrange my carpet and kept it ontop the bed, I washed all my plates and arrange them inside bag, I also arrange all my clothes and cotton inside bag too, I took my bed out and put it ontop my head, I started taking it to Mama Favor's house, I enter the passage and drop the bed beside the my new room, I return back and took the rest, I repeat same procedure till my room is empty, I took broom and sweep my new room before arranging my things inside, I finished up by one in the afternoon.
After the work I was so weak so I went to Mama Favor to buy some things I will cook, she gave me all of them for free, Tomatoes, pepper, onions and fish all for free, I wanted to pay her but she insist that I keep my money so I thank her and went to my room, I put the stuff on the ground and relax on my bed, I was so weak so I decided to sleep maybe after I wakeup I will cook the rice. I went to the door and lock it I don't want Mama Favor to come and disturb me now that am weak because if she come I will just collapse ontop her, I locked the door and sleep on my bed, my phone was ringing but I didn't want to look at it talkless of picking it, withing ten minutes I was already in dreamland.
While sleeping I saw my Sister with aunty Aneeta fighting seriously in the middle of road, as they were fighting some car owners stop and started using their android phone to camera them, they were fighting seriously with both of them bleeding profusely, I don't know the cause of their fight so I started running to were they are to settle them, while running as I was crossing the road a small came and knock me down, as the person stop and wanted to come down, the heavy knock on my door brought me back from my dreamland, I was angry because I didn't see the face of the person that hit me, the person continue knocking so I stood up and ask "who is that?"

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