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Wednesday, 14 March 2018


"Open door joor" knowing Aneeta's voice I opened the door and then she came inside.
"why are you sweating like this?" she asked as she sat on my bed.
I back the door and jump on my bed again, opening my mouth to yawn.
Aneeta: oh you were sleeping, I thought you wanted to cook?
Me: am tired I can't cook.
Aneeta: hmmm am sorry for what happened earlier today.
Me: hmmm.
Aneeta: like seriously am sorry, what I did was wrong I guess the stress of yesterday is still affecting me.
Me: hmmmm.
Aneeta: come on na, stop humming and accept my apology.
Me: hmmm, you really think I was sleeping a woman?
Aneeta: no am sorry okay, apology accepted?
Me: no pending.
Aneeta: okay what do you want me to do so that you will accept my apology.
Me: will you do anything I ask?
Aneeta: yes if it's in my power I will do it I believe you earn it.
Me: okay be my girlfriend. (I just said without thinking).
Aneeta: hahahaha you are not serious, come on be serious.
Me: why did you say am not serious? is it not because you don't know my girlfriend you made that comment, maybe if you are my girlfriend you will know how faithful I am.
Aneeta: hahaha I know what I said and am sorry beside that's what am trying to amend here, just say anything because what you are saying now is definitely out of it.
Me: errrm I know we can't date am not asking you to be my fiancee am just saying act like a girlfriend to me, care for me like your boyfriend.
Aneeta: but I do care for you even though am not your girlfriend your sister told me to watch you and that's what am doing.
Me: I know, I don't a girlfriend I just want to feel among, it will be on your rules and regulation, is not too hard to do since you are already doing it because you said you care.
Aneeta: hmmm yeah I can do it, what if your real girlfriend appear.
Me: I don't have.
Aneeta: I can't do it then.
Me: why?
Aneeta: because I will be standing on your way to have a normal girlfriend.
Me: of course you won't, you can even teach me how to woe a girlfriend when we go out together, it's just for fun, I won't stand on your way to have a real boyfriend I promise.
Aneeta: oh well now since am heartbroken this is just what I need.
Me: deal?
Aneeta: deal.
Me: thanks, so girlfriend can you cook something for me?
Aneeta: of course my love.
She smile and stood up saying "we have a mission this evening"
Me: what mission?
Aneeta: am taking you to that same restaurant, my ex will be there I want to see his face when we hold each other's hands, this will be fun.
Me: I can assure you that.

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