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Thursday, 15 March 2018


After consuming the delicious food Aneeta cooked I laid down on my bed relaxing, Aneeta left to her room already to get ready for tonight's outing while I remain in bed still licking my tongue because of the delicious rice.
I had a call from NGO, she said she wanna visit me tonight that she miss me alot, i told her I just pack into a new house, I told her she will visit me when I return to my former house, she didn't take it well but she gat no other choice, after all it's my life not hers, If I let her come and Aneeta or her sister See's her what will I tell them?
I don't want to jeopardize my plan with Aneeta at all because as I said I will do anything in my power to date her even though she's older than me I don't care, I just want to date her and suck that her gigantic boobson, those boobson are her real asset they are very big like that of Afrocandy.
By six some other tenants returned from work and the house started getting noisy and noisy, some came to check the new tenant while other didn't bother to check.
Some of them that know me ask why I left the other house and so I told them that they are renovating and after they are done I will return.
I was pressing my phone quietly that evening when a call came in.
I saw the caller and quickly pick the call.
Me: hello ma, what's up
Aneeta: am okay hope you are ready oh.
Me: of course i am I just need to take a shower.
Aneeta: okay do that fast am waiting.
Me: alright.
I stood up and went to the bathroom to take my bath but I saw two guys waiting already, this is what I don't like, in my other house we have three bathroom and toilet with few tenants but here with so many tenants they only have one bathroom.
I gat no other option than to wait for them to finish, I sat on the wall looking at a little girl cooking in the kitchen, shes like twelve years old and she look sick as if she will pass out any moment from now.
I enter the bathroom after the last person came out, I took my bath and then return to my room, I clean myself up and wear a nice dress, black jeans trouser and polo shirt.
I put on my perfume and took my phone, I walk out of the room and knock at Aneeta 's room.

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