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Thursday, 15 March 2018


“Yes who is that?” I heard from inside but that doesn't look Aneeta 's voice.
Me: is me Ozila.
The person opened the door and I was surprised to see her home so quick.
Cynthia: waoh Ozila you look sweet, come on in.
Me: okay, buy were is your sister.
Cynthia: she's outside, are you guys going out together?
Me: yeah, we have something to take care of.
Cynthia: oh and what's that thing?
Me: I don't know yet till we get there.
Cynthia: hmmmmm bye bye.
She lock the door on me after pushing me out, I wonder why she's so angry oh, I came out of the house and saw Aneeta in a nice dress sitting quietly on Mama Favors bench, when she saw me she said.
“Fine boy”
Me: hahahaha abeg forget joor, you done ready abi?
Aneeta: yeah, let's start going.
She stood up and walk to me, then she help me arrange my shirt well,.
Me: thank you.
Aneeta: no need, am just doing my job.
Mama Favor: na which job be that?
She shouted from inside her store.
Aneeta: so what will you buy for me? (She ask on our way to the restaurant)
Me: am not with money oh
Aneeta: then who will pay for our food ?
Me: you na.
Aneeta: but you are the guy now.
Me: chai you know say you na madam na, I nor get money oh and beside it's your mission.
Aneeta: see this man oh, so if we marry that's how you will treat me?
Me: no oh, that will be different na.
Aneeta: but we are behaving like couples so you too behave like a married man.
Me: okay then I will.
Aneeta: good, now you are talking.
Me: we are here.
We payed the driver and came out of the bus, I hold her in her hand and we walk inside together like newly wedded couples, we locate an empty desk and sat down, they serve us drinks, we were drinking and also chatting (she wasnt really drinking though), she was discussing about her ex about how they met, I wasn't interested at all but since there is nothing to talk about I decided to flow with her.
She was talking and also looking around to see if she will see her ex boyfriend, she didn't even sip her drink at all, I guess shes still hurt but she don't want to open up, shes trying so hard to hide it but I guess shes not doing a great job, we wait for long and when it's almost eight we decided to leave because we can't wait forever, she payed for our drink and also bought some take home for me, I thought she want me to pay so why is she buying stuff for me now?

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