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Friday, 16 March 2018


We hed to the door and when we came out a Jeep pack in front of us and her ex and another girl came out of the Jeep, they look so cute and when Aneeta saw them she was breathing so fast, they walk to were we are and then stop in front of us while Aneeta continue breathing heavily as if she will pass out any moment from now.
“Aneeta, what are doing with this kid?” Did he just refer to me as kid? That's something I don't take nicely.
“Repeat what you just said” I was getting closer to him with anger.
“I said why is she with you, you are not in her class…..”
He didn't finish his statement before I land him heavy slap on his face, followed by heavy blow.
I rushed him like a mad man and started blowing him, I was ontop of him while the ladies started dragging me of his body I pushed them off and continue beating him like a beast descending on his victim, funny thing is that the guy didn't even bother to fight back he just relax as I favor his face with different kind of punch.
People gathered and started holding us, it took three strong guys to remove me from his body and when I tried to look at him I felt pity because all his face have been covered with blood, I was only trying to prove a point for my love Aneeta but now I just hope I won't lose her.
Aneeta and the other girl took the guy up and take him to his car, they drove of to nearby hospital leaving me there like the mad man I am.
I took a bus home with my clothes soak with blood, I git home and enter the shower to bath, after taking my bath I went to bed straight and started regretting my actions, around nine I heard somebody trying to open Aneeta 's door, I came out and saw her very tired, I ran to her and ask
“How is he?”
Aneeta: he will survive, and I hope you enjoyed your day.
Me: am sorry I didn't know what came over me.
Aneeta: what ever that thing is don't take it close to me, I don't want to see you around me again.
Me: come on Aneeta am so……..(she shut the door on me).

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