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Friday, 16 March 2018


I was weak and then I sat at their door waiting for her to open up, after like thirty minutes and there was no sign of her coming out I walk to my room gently.
I was only trying to prove a point and to tell her that I can protect her in case of any emergency now I have pushed her away, I plan this well but the fact that he called me a kid angered me, I didn't know this is how it will turn out I would have remain in my house.
Now am more lonely than ever.
I rest on my bed frustrated and not knowing what to do I took my phone and dial her number, she pick at first ring.
Ngozi: hello baby boo.
Me: can you come?
Ngozi: what! You must be joking right?
Me: am serious., Just lonely and bored I wish you are here with me.
Ngozi: did your girlfriend just broke your heart?
Me: if you can't come just say so instead.
Ngozi: no, not that okay I will come but you have to come take me, is dark already.
Me: if I can come to your house I will just remain there, I can't come that's why I asked you to come please.
Ngozi: okay okay, am coming, text me your address.
Me: okay I will do that.
I cut the call and text her my address telling her to call me once she reach my street, am glad I have somebody to lay my head on in time of trouble.
Fifteen minutes later she called me telling that she's inside the street already, I took my phone and walk out, I open the passage door quietly so that I won't wake my neighbors, then I walk out using my phone to aid myself as touch, I told her to be walking inside the street and before three minutes I saw somebody coming with fake touch, I waited for her come to me before hugging her, she wore bum short showing her fleshy lap and settling it down with a handless white shirt, she use a long cardigan to cover the shirt, I hug her tight as if I have not seen her for a year now.
Ngozi: something is definitely going on.
Me: nothing dear, come on.
I hold her hand and lead her to my house i opened the door and close it before ushering her to my room, she went in looking around, I lock my door gently before I walk to her standing in front of her, I took my right hand and started using it to rub her face, she took the hand with her right hand and started twisting it, she then put the thumb inside her mouth licking it, she stop and ask.
Ngozi: what's going on Ozila? You are acting strange.

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