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Saturday, 17 March 2018


Me: nothing dear, i just miss you that's all.
She came closer and round her both hands on my neck, i put my hands round her waist and draw her closer, giving me attention below, she started moving backward till she reach the wall of the room, I use my right hand to raise up her left leg pressing my body closer to her, we both started breathing heavily and then I move my lips closer to hers and started licking her mouth, she didn't want to open her mouth so I bite her lips and she said.
“Awwwww, am not meat”
Me: sorry.
We started kissing passionately and slowly, I took my right hand to her ass and started rubbing and massaging her carefully, she remove my shirt and then she saw my body.
“Gosh you have hairs”
Me: is it now you are seeing it?
Ngozi: clearly? Yes, how do you cope with all these?
Me: this is no time for questions.
Saying that I pushed her to the bed and then I came ontop her, I removed her shirt and then went down to remove her bum short, as I remove it the saint of her pusssy filled the air, she didn't wear pant and am not surprise, I spread her leg wide and started licking the tip of her pusssy, she was enjoying it folding my pillow and looking at the sky, I use my hands to open her pusssy wide and put my tongue inside, she left a moan before she join her legs together not minding killing me, she trapped my head inside her pusssy and I continue licking it not minding if I die like a rat been caught by a rat but still yet trying to eat the little fish placed on the trap.
I put my right index finger inside and use it to locate her cllit and then I started licking it while she moan in pleasure like someone being posses by a demonic spirit, oh yeah shes been posses but only that its natural spirit not demonic.
I continue sucking until she started bringing out fluid like wee, I wonder why fat girls tend to reach organism quickly, she stop me and then turn me over, she bend down the bed and remove my short revealing my already hard dickson, she rub it for some minutes before swallowing it like pounded yam, she started sucking my dickson very well, she's a professional so am not surprise she know how to do it very well, after some while I came and then she lick everything, after that she started licking again and within minutes my dickson rise again and this time two times more than it is before.
She climb me and insert my dickson inside her, my bros enter inside fluently without any hold up, she started fvxking me and also kissing me, I sat up and started licking her boobson while she continue fvcking my dickson, she pushed me to the bedson stoping me from sucking her boobson but I have stubborn headson so I sat up again and started sucking her boobson, she pushed me to the second time so I got angry and turn her over, I started fvcking her faster and faster like a running Bugatti Vernon,
“Uhmmmm, yeah, come on do it faster” she continue shouting as she round her hand on my back like Queen Sheba, after some time she turn over facing down while I put pillow between her ass and waist pumping her ass very well for easy penetration, I insert from behind and started fvcking her, the pilow sure support me before as I bounce her down the pillow will bounce her up, after some minutes I relax facing up while she stay on top facing backing me facing my leg, she started fvcking and shouting at the same time.
I came after fifteen minutes and then sleep off totally, that's just what I need that night.
The following day around six somebody started bagging my door, I quickly wear my short and ask who is that, the person didn't answer so I decided to open it anyway only to meet two police men and Aneeta boyfriend standing in front of my door.

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