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Saturday, 17 March 2018


I didn't expect to see them at all I was thinking they were another person looking for the person staying here before I enter, when I saw them standing in front of my door my mind skip at once. He didn't even let the day break properly before running to the police station or is it that the police men don't have time?
“Thats him” the guy said pointing me with angry face with bruises and plaster all over his face.
Me: what is this?
Police1: young man you are under arrest.
Me: for what?
Police2: for this (he said pointing at the guys face) do you deny it)
Me: it was an accident
Police1: you tell us that when we get to the station.
They dragged me out of my room and handcuff my hand, NGO came out asking them what's going on they didn't reply, I told her to lock my room and go home.
They pushed me out of the house and then force me inside their van, thank God my neighbors are still sleeping if not people would have gathered by now, even Aneeta is not up yet and that's a good sigh, the only person that can help me is Mama Favor and she's not even up yet because I was hearing worship song inside their room meaning they are still doing morning devotion.
I lay low on the back of the van as they speed off.
I was wondering why Aneeta boyfriend didn't fight back yesterday I never knew he had other plans.
They took me to Ivbiotor police station and then when we get there they took me out and remove my handcuff, I wonder why they put it before, I followed them inside the station were I saw one woman writing something, they hand Me over to the lady while they went back to sit down, the lady ask my name and then I told her, she ask me if I can write and i said yes, she gave me a blank paper and told me to narrate what happened in one paragraph, after writing everything that happen she told me that I will have to pay fifty thousand to them and also fifty thousand to the guy that I beat up because he will need medical attention continuously.

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