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Sunday, 18 March 2018


I told her I don't have money, she ask if I have anybody I want to call (I think shes nice because I heard some wont allow it) I told no and then her face change at once, she told them to lock me up till whoever cares for me come to my rescue or till am able to bail myself, I didn't bother to argue anymore it is better I suffer here than i call my sister and tell her am in prison, that is something I cant do because she will take me back to village after she release me, I was thrown inside prison with bad guys, I simply went to one corner to sit down while the other prisoners started looking at me.
Guy 1: see this fine boy, na wetin carry you come here?
Guy 2: na girl matter they carry fine boys come prison joor, see as him be like Ramsey Noah.
Guy 1: na handsome boy we go initiate am later today.
Guy 3: that one na sure matter na, guy wetin be your name (I didn't answer him).
Guy 2: no be you him they ask question, if I come there you go see fire.
It was hell in cell and I was there till 6pm in the evening when one of the police man came, he ordered me to come out, I came out and saw Aunty Aneeta shaking the police men, I saw her and then bow down my head down in shame, I sign some papers and then they told to go with her, I followed her from behind not knowing what to say and beside am too shy to say anything, we enter bus back home and when we get there she gave me key to my room without saying anything, I opened my door and took off my short, I went to the bathroom and shower myself, I return back to the room and doze off.
Later that day I heard bagging on my door, the knock woke up me from sleep, I stand up and open the door, Aneeta came inside and then drop some cooler ontop table, she left without uttering any words, I opened the cooler and saw rice, I tried to eat but no appetite, I cover it up and continue my sleep, I can't find my phone I think its with NGO, later around ten i left my room and walk to my former apartment, the work is still on and I can't wait for them to finish so that I return to my room, I don't know why but I think this place is better than Mama Favors house, can't be living there with my crush next door.
I return back to Mama Favor house, I went straight to my room and doze off.

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