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Sunday, 18 March 2018


The next morning i took my bath and left for study, I saw Mama Favor and greet her, she was asking some questions but I told her till I return, I got to my study center, look for a free computer and buried myself inside it without looking my right or left, and where the hell is NGO?
Am lucky that manager is not around assuming I meet him he would have question my life like Frank Edoho from who wants to be a billionaire,
I think I came too early because even some computer sit are empty too, I don't care I have my time range so whether they come or not when its my turn I will leave, I suppose start by eleven and leave by three but sometimes if there is space I can still stay till four or five without much ado, I switch on the monitor and start practicing my Mavis beacon, by right I would have been through now but because of my absence am still stuck here, I practice for thirty minutes before the manager came in, he look everybody and then sat on his chair were he runs his business after we greet him, he sit with his two ladies that work for him, ten minutes later NGO came in, the moment she came in she walk to were we study and immediately she saw me she shouted my name “Ozila” immediately she shouted my name the manager stood up and look at me, NGO seeing what she cause she went to one sit and sat down after dropping my phone, but the manager didn't let go, “Ozila come here” he shouted, I know he didn't see me the first time came in but now NGO has spoiled my show.
I walk up to him and stand beside him.
Me: good morning Sir.
Sir: Mr man who are you?
Me: am Ozila
Sir: I know I mean who are you here?
Me: your student Sir.
Sir: are you sure am your teacher because you are the boss?
Me: no Sir, I just return from village because of personal issues.
Sir: were are you now in your lesson?
Me: still Mavis beacon.
Sir: Nkechi (remember Nkechi the girl working with the manager, she's the first person I met when I came the first time, she's got good figure, I heard she's a hot cake, but she's way older than me, just like Aneeta).
Nke: teach him how to photocopy, he will stand there throughout today.
Me: doing what Sir?
Sir: photocopying.
Me: cool.
Sir: cool? You won't sit down, you will stand throughout today.
Me: if that's my punishment I accept it fully.

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