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Monday, 19 March 2018


Me: Ria?
She's the last person I expect to see here and by the way why is she alone?
She opened the front door for me and then I enter inside the Jeep and close the door, I was looking at her still looking flabbergasted.
Ria: what is it? You look like someone that just see a ghost.
Me: oh well, am still wondering if you are a ghost or not.
Ria: you don't have to, am real, see touch me (she forward her right hand to me while she use her other hand to control the steering )
Me: never mind, what are you doing here?
Ria: business
Me: and you just recognize me at once?
Ria: why not? You dont expect me to forget the biggest dickson I have fvck.
Me: hmm, so you mean you don't fvck other black guys?
Ria: oh come on what do you take me for?
Me: nothing, am just asking.
Ria: you shouldn't even think of asking that question, were do you live?
Me: the next street, drop me of there.
Ria: no, I want to know your house.
Me: why?
Ria: nothing, I just finish work and I will be going to lucky steel (one of the biggest steel company in Ogun state) in Ogun tomorrow so I just want to know your house incase next time, or you dont want me to know your house?
Me: not that, just that I live in a small room with nothing in it.
Ria: don't tell Me you are worried about your room na.
Me: of course I am, there is nothing in my room that I can use to entertain you and someone like you shouldn't be coming to such place.
Ria: I don't mind, so let's go.
She turn to the street and then she stop at Mama Favor house, we both came down and I told her to follow me, I saw My landlady looking at me with wicked eye. She didn't even know that I was greeting her until I repeat my greeting the second time, she just reply me with low tune unlike her.
We walk through the passage till we get to the last room were I live, I open the door and invite her in, she look around and then look at me.
Ria: honestly this is bad.

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