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Monday, 19 March 2018


The two girls both laugh at me, I don't see any big deal after all am here to learn, doing photocopy is just like practicing what I have learn, i didn't even put photocopy in my form.
Nkechi stood up with her pencil trouser, she beckon on me to watch her very well, she told me to bring my book and pencil, I wrote somethings down as she explain and then she told me were to press anytime I want to photocopy after telling me their name, but the way she arrange her boobson like black widow is killing me, I will look at what she's teaching for five kinutes and use the remaining minute to stare at her boobson, after making sure I grab everything she went back to sit, she face her system while I remain there waiting for customer to come, meanwhile i focus my attention at her ass that pop out from her pencil trouser, I don't even think she's putting on any pant because her asss is visible.
The first person that came to photocopy I did it for her though Nkechi was watching me so that I don't make mistake, after standing there for two hours plus then the angel came in again with short jeans skirt with handless shirt, (same girl that the manager drove away the other time) she came in and greet us, she went to her system and sat down, I started thinking why the manager didn't say anything again, I continue looking at her not knowing that NGO was starring at me.
After lesson, Nkechi announce that she will be celebrating her birthday today later in the night, she urge all of us to come, we all wish her happy birthday and the manager beg us to Join her and celebrate, I don't think I will attend,
when it's time me and NGO pack our things and walk out.
NGO: why were you starring at her today?
Me: you didn't even bother to ask me what later happened after the brouhaha abi?
NGO: am sorry na, I want us to get home first before I ask.
Me: the last time she came in dressing like that the manager kick her out, I was wondering why he didn't say anything now.
NGO: they are closer now self, we don't know what happened but my guess is that something happened behind close door, so will you attend the party?
Me: no, even if I want to I dont know her house.
NGO: I know her house let's go together and also angel will be there.
Me: who is angel?
NGO: that girl you were starring at.
Me: oh so her name is angel, how did you know she will go?
NGO: she's a party rider, I know her outside our study.
Me: waoh, it would have been better if she celebrate it in a wider place like hotel or bar with space.
NGO: see you, they have bar and swimming pool in their house.
Me: waoh, na so them rich?
NGO: of course, I wonder why she didnt even invite musician self, last time tiwa savage came, I heard she want it on low key this time.
Me: hmmm, so she's from a rich background, that's cool let me start going home now to get ready.
NGO: you close to my house already Na.
Me: let me go get dress na, will be back I promise.
NGO: okay dear, take care.
Me: alright bye.
I turn back and started walking home, I haven't gone far when a KIA Jeep pass me, the Jeep stop and started coming back slowly, the Jeep pack in front of me horning.
I look inside the car and was surprised to see her, who is she?

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