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Monday, 19 March 2018


Me: and now she's complaining.
Ria: am sorry but how do you cope?
Me: actually I live in the other house they are currently renovating it now that's why I pack here for the time being.
Ria: is that one better than this one?
Me: yah, at least it not face me I face you like this.
Ria: can we go there I wanna see.
Me: okay but we are coming back here because am going out to see someone and am late already.
Ria: no problem.
Me: okay just give me five minutes let me freshen up.
Ria: alright I will wait outside.
Me: alright then.
She went out and then I quickly pour water on my body and brush my teeth, I put on some simple wear before going out, I saw Ria standing beside her car with people looking at her. She didn't even care.
I signal her to follow me and then we walk to the back of my house were my room is, they have done a great job renovating it because it look nice now, glass window with new iron door, they tile the room too and paint the walls, I was like “waoh, this is cool” when Ria came in she said “yeah this is not bad”.
Me: so what do you think?
Ria: if this is really your room then it's okay after all you are a student.
Me: of course it's my room.
As we were discussing I saw our landlady coming out from bathroom,
Me: good evening Ma, una try for this renovating oh.
Landlady: na so na. Make you know say the house rent don increase too.
Me: ha to how much?
Landlady: increase by 20%
Me: waoh, okay that is if my former one expire right?
Landlady: yes.
Me: okay na.
Ria: i like it here, is quiet and cool, all you need now is a shelf with Samsung TV with a little fridge.
Me: come-on were do you expect me to get money to buy all this stuff?
Ria: is not that expensive now, okay when I return from Ogun state hit me up we will go out and buy them.
Me: serious?
Ria: of course.
Me: waoh thank you, when are you coming back?
Ria: I will spend a week there.
Me: okay then.
We left the compound and then Ria ask me were my friend live so that she will drop me but I told her not to worry that I can find my way since it's not far, she told me to be careful after dropping me off from The street to main road.
After she left I started trekking to NGO house and on my way I continue thinking about what she said, she said she will buy Tv and fridge for me which I dont believe, though I will be hoping she keep to her promise, as I trek my phone started rigging, I look at the screen and saw NGO, I pick it up.

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