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Tuesday, 20 March 2018


The occasion started normally this time, they did many things and many games till it's time to cut cake, people stand behind Nkechi to cut the cake while I took a cup of drink and started looking for that girl “Angel” at last I saw sitting alone with dark specs in the night drinking, I went to her and ask.
Me: can I join you?
Angel: the sit is taken already you can look for another.
Me: oh, I know I just wanna talk to you.
Angel: about what, do I know you?
Me: of course we are both from saxtercom computer.
Angel: oh sorry, but I don't recognize your face, sorry I have to go now.
She stood up and left me, I wonder what her problem is she sound like someone going through some kind of trauma, I return to my girls Nkechi and Ngozi, we sat down while MC called some names to come out, of course I was part of the list, we are eight in numbers, the MC said that we are going to chose one girl to dance with and the winner will be given a price seeing that NGO is too fat for me and it will be a big blow for me to come out with her i decided to go for Temihsmart after all they are both my girlfriend, after we came out the DJ started playing music, the MC said that they will choose the winner after the song, so we started dancing oh like play like play the thing enter my head, while dancing Temihsmart ask why I didn't pick NGO and I ask her if it's bad that I choose her, she said no but me and NGO are closer, I told her not to worry.
After the dance I was surprise that they mention us winner, they gave us red bag with gifts inside, not only that they Started clapping their hands for me and Temihsmart and started shouting, “kiss kiss kiss” I don't want to do it because I have many girls here that am crushing on but because the pressure from the people is too much I decided to obey, so I hold Temihsmart closer and started kissing her very hot, as the crowd started hailing us from nowhere someone came out and scatter bottle on Temihsmart 's head, she fell on my body with blood gushing out her head.

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