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Wednesday, 21 March 2018


The next day I was in the hospital with Temihsmart, they plaster her head and also fix some drip for her, I look at her and felt pity for her.
I felt pity because I know it was my fault, I shouldn't have choose her over Ngozi, I didn't know she will get mad like that, she felt jealous and the jealousy consumed her, I dont blame her I blame myself.
I sat beside Temihsmart in the hospital waiting for her to get up, thank God Nkechi dad paid for the bill already so I have nothing to be afraid of, anyway even though her dad didn't pay I don't mind paying for her after all it all my fvcking fault.
I remain with her till afternoon, I left to look for something to eat, I left the big hospital and walk inside one restaurant, I order for rice and when they serve I tried to eat but my mind didn't allow me, I was thinking about Temihsmart, I don't even know if she will be alright though the doctor said she will be, but if she will be fine then why is she still unconscious? Why has she not woken up already?.
I was afraid because I know if anything happen to Temihsmart I will be held responsible, I didn't even eat a spoon I just pay for the food and left, even the lady tried to find out if anything is wrong with the food I just told her it's okay I lost my appetite, she was afraid maybe the food is not good,.
I left the restaurant and return to the hospital, I walk inside the ward they put Temihsmart and when i walk in I saw her sitting up with nurse checking her, I felt relieve and rush to her.
Nurse: shes okay now but she can't leave till tomorrow.
Me: okay thank you very much ma.
The nurse left us alone, I told her to lie down but she refuse, I sat with her on the side of the bed.
Me: how are you feeling?
Temihsmart: am okay, the doctor said you didn't go home last night.
Me: yeah I just went out to get some food and before I return u already up, am sorry I wasn't here when you woke up.
Temihsmart: no, it's fine. What happened?
Me: it was all my fault, I shouldn't have……….
Temihsmart: shouldn't have pick me right? So it was Temihsmart that burst my head?
Me: yeah, am very sorry, twas my fault.
Temihsmart: oh yeah it is, I told you but you said don't worry, now see were I am now?
Me: am really sorry.
Temihsmart: were is she now?
Me: I don't know, she ran away immediately after the incident.
Temihsmart: I know she love you and she will feel jealous but I kinda enjoy that moment.
Me: me too.
Temihsmart: you felt it too right? it felt so real, like we’ve been dating for long, it be long I felt something like that.
Me: what will you eat?
Temihsmart: am not hungry, it's you that need to eat something.
Me: I ate rice, I told you I went out to eat something.
Temihsmart: okay good, so I won't be leaving here till tomorrow?
Me: yeah, don't worry I won't leave your side.
Temihsmart: you shouldn't worry about me, I know you have alot of things to do, just go and be yourself.
Me: come on, am not leaving your side till tomorrow, and stop pushing me because I won't leave.
Temihsmart: okay then, so what will you be doing here?
Me: taking care of you.
Temihsmart: hmmmm, I guess you are doing a great job.
Me: haha thank you.
I watch her smile with her beautiful lips, I look down not wanting to lock eye with her, and then my phone started ringing, I look at the screen and saw Aneeta.
Me: hello ma.
Aneeta: Ozila were are you? You didn't come home last night.
I know she have feelings for me I think, or is she just checking me out?

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