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Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Me: yeah I went to a friend party.
Aneeta: and why are you not back by now?
Me: am in my friends place.
Aneeta: okay be careful.
Me: sure I will, are you missing me?
Aneeta: maybe, am just lonely.
Me: okay I will be home in the next 30 minutes.
Aneeta: yeye, who miss you? Am just joking joor.
With that she cut the call and I started wondering what her play is.
Temihsmart: who is that?
Me: my neighbor.
Temihsmart: your girlfriend?
Me: no actually, she's same age with my elder sister so I can't date her.
Temihsmart: come on age is just a number and with the way you interact with her I can sense you have feelings for her.
Me: hahahaha, abeg stop guessing or sensing, I don't have any feelings biko.
Temihsmart: hahahaha, okay then, you can start going home, you can come back in the evening if you want to.
Me: no I don't want to leave your side.
Temihsmart: come-on I know you have other things to do that's why I said u can return in the evening when you less busy, dont let me keep you here please.
Me: hmmm okay then, what are you going to do about Ngozi?
Temihsmart: I don't know I guess I will just pack out and leave the house for her.
Me: that's a good idea, I will help you pack.
Temihsmart: okay when the time reach I will let you know, so go home now and rest.
Me: alright then, take care.
I stood up and gave her a peck on her forehead, she smile and told me to be careful, I left her alone in the room and walk out of the hospital, I came out and took a bus to my area, I stop at my street and started walking home, the day is still early and kids are still going to school, I wonder why Aunty Aneeta is still at home when she suppose to be on her way to work, I turn to our house and saw Mama Favor dressing her kids for school, I greeted her and she look me with a bad eye, she didn't even answer, that's when I know am in trouble I know she will trouble me later though am not afraid because one round of sex can solve everything, I enter the passage and pass aunty Aneeta room, I wanted to knock but i kick against it let me enter my room first and brush my mouth, I don't want her holding her nose when we started discussing, I know my breath is not bad though.

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