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Thursday, 22 March 2018


I open my room and enter inside, immediately i enter my phone started buzzing I saw my manager calling so I quickly pick the call.
Me: hello Sir.
Manager: how are you Ozila?
Me: am fine sir, good morning sir.
Manager: good morning, how is the little girl of yesterday?
Me: she's fine sir.
Manager: are you there with her?
Me: yes sir.
Manager: okay then, take good care of her and you can take the day off to take care of her.
Me: okay thank you sir.
Manager: what about Ngozi? Have you seen her?
Me: no sir.
Manager: okay then till tomorrow.
Me: alright sir.
He cut the call and then i started celebrating because no lesson for me today, am glad I lied that am still with her, I drop the phone and relax on my bed for a minute, then I took my brush and went out to brush my teeth, I saw many other people there at the back, some are cooking while others are sitting on the edge of the house talking, I just greeted them and pass, I brush my teeth and return back to my room, I change my dress to a short and singlet, I came out of my room and walk to Aneeta room, I knock the door but nobody answer, I knock again and still yet no reply, I wanted to leave but something tells me to check if the door is unlock, I turn the handle and the door gave way immediately Without making any noise, I open the door and saw her sleeping comfortably like a baby, she still on her white night gown, with the way she sleep I can see her lap, she face the other side showing me her ass and I can also see the mark of her pant, she sleep and raise her two leg to her ass side, the temptation was too much for me that I can't bear it, I enter inside and gently close the door, I walk to her and bend down, I look down her ass and I then I saw her white pant, mehn the sight alone make my dick so fvcking hard, if not that I have self control I would have rape her oh,i gently walk to her chair and sat down, I started rubbing my dickson with hand, I put my hand inside my trouser and started robbing it while looking at her ass.

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