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Thursday, 22 March 2018


don't understand, how can I be rubbing my dickson and enjoying it only by looking at her ass with clothes on? What if I enter her kingdom how will I feel?
As I was rubbing my dickson the stubborn snake started growing bigger and stronger to the point that I had to open my leg wide to be more comfortable and also relax very well on the chair, as I was rubbing I wanted to close my eyes because of the pleasure but the fear that she might wake up and see me make me to open my eye (you know that feeling when you want to maximize the pleasure and think something else thereby closing your eyes and see yourself in another world).
I didn't even think about the repercussion if she see me like this all I can think of is that succulent lap like that of Maggie Q, I was rubbing it faster and faster when the worst happen, her phone started ringing, when I heard the sound I quickly remove my hand cross my leg so that she won't see the big thing, as the phone continue ringing she turn to face me, she didnt see me there she just pick the phone and as she wanted to answer it she saw me sitting down and shouted
“Jesus” throwing the phone away, and quickly using her bed sheet to cover herself properly (I wonder what she's hiding when I have already enjoyed myself)
Me: good morning ma.
Aneeta: oh my god, oz.
Me: am sorry i startled you.
Aneeta: what! how could you?
Me: am sorry I just…..
Aneeta: come on get out let me dress up.
Me: am sorry, honestly i didn't see anything.
Aneeta: get out (she point to the door with anger).
Me: okay am sorry. (I continue apologising getting up).
I don't know how to walk out without her seeing my hard dickson, and with her rage if I stay one more minute she might even use cutlass to divide my head from my body,.
Me: aunty….
Aneeta: what are you still waiting for?
Not knowing what to do again, I started walking out gently and when I get to the middle of the bed were she is, she told me to stop.
Aneeta: turn and face me.
Me: what?
Aneeta: I said turn and face me.

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