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Friday, 23 March 2018


I don't understand why she want me to turn maybe she saw it already, my mind started beating faster and faster, I started turning gently and when she saw the big snake, she point her finger to the thing and said “what is that?” Before I could say anything else she throw pillows at me and then I ran out of her room as she check continue shouting like a mad woman.
Back to my room, I relax on my bed and started thinking what just happened, I wonder why she's angry after all I didn't touch her, I was only looking or should we now close our eyes when we see something that will move the ministry, after all she called me to come I don't understand all the rage.
I wish I can just tell her I love her so that she will reject me and then I will stop fantasizing about her, how sure am I that if she reject me I will stop thinking about her? I don't know but this her obsession is turning something else, And I need to do something about it if I want to live here in peace.
I wanted to go and meet her to at least apologize for what happened earlier, I don't know if she will use cutlass to pursue me this time around, I can see she's frustrated and she's just looking for someone to turn all her anger to, after all I didn't make her loose her boyfriend so she should stop been an asshole and look towards the future after all she's got a nice Job, I get she's not getting younger but if she don't stop thinking about her ex she won't give chance for another person to come in.
I wish I can say all that to her but I can't, am afraid of her and I love her, true love but I can't say anything because she's too old for me and also she and my elder sister are age mate, my sister told her to take care of me before she left not to fall in love, I know it's a big risk but she should at least feel something for me Na.
I came out from my room and walk to her room, I knock on her door and then I heard.
“Who is there?”
Me: it's me
Aneeta: what is it?
Me: just wanted to apologize.
Aneeta: for what?
Me: foooooor, please can i at least come in?
I heard her footstep and then the door unlock, i open it and walk in, she have change her dress, she's now putting on a gown covering all her body, she even wear cap like a Reverend sister.
I went to sit on that same chair I committed sin and then I started thinking what to say.
Aneeta: you wanted to apologize for what?
Me: for what happened earlier.
Aneeta: what happened? (She sit on her bed putting her back on the wall with her two legs cross like Muslim praying, she was looking at me directly).
Me: for what happened earlier.
Aneeta: you said that before, what am interested in is, what happened? (she opened her eye).
I was confuse not knowing what to say, I was in a state of dilemma, I wish I knew I would have remain in my room, na me use my hand come find trouble oh.
Aneeta: Ozila what happened?

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