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Friday, 23 March 2018


Me: errrmm nothing sha, just forget.
Aneeta: you are not serious, you must confess oh.
Me: nothing happen na just forget, were is Cynthia na it been long I saw her.
Aneeta: trying to change the subject abi?
Me: where is she na?
Aneeta: she went to auchi poly for
Me: so when is she coming back?
Aneeta: she will stay there for two to three weeks.
Me: ah ah na, what will she be doing there?
Aneeta: she want to stay with her boyfriend for sometime.
Me: so she have a guy.
Aneeta: so?
Me: nothing.
Aneeta: so why did you come inside my room without waking me up?
Me: I thought you forget about that already.
Aneeta: yeah, am no longer angry but I just need to know.
Me: oh well, I knock but nobody answer so I just decided to push the door and to my surprise the door give way, i wanted to leave but you were sleeping like a baby, i wanted to stay and watch and maybe drive any mosquito because your skin don't need any black spot.
Aneeta: hmmm, don't try it next time.
Me: I won't and am sorry.
Aneeta: good.
Me: so what are you doing at home?
Aneeta: no work for me today, today is my free day.
Me: so you are spending it at home sleeping?
Aneeta: what do you suggest?
Me: I thought you will go out and party na.
Aneeta: so that you will go and break another person head?
Me: not like that na, you can even go without me so far you have fun.
Aneeta: how can I have fun when am going alone?
Me: oh well you are a beautiful woman, once you take a sit a guy will definitely come buy you drink.
Aneeta: hahahaha, you think so?
Me: of course.
Aneeta: hmmmm thanks but am okay here, so what about you? No work?
Me: no, my manager said I can rest today.
Aneeta: so no work for both of us today.
Me: yeah.
Aneeta: how do you plan to spend yours?
Me: at home.
Aneeta: why not go out?
Me: I will if you will follow me.
Aneeta: I don't have money to spend, i gave my sister alot of money before she left.
Me: come on there is nothing to spend, is it not just hundred naira drink and three hundred naira pepper soup, I have money I will pay.
Aneeta: so you are really desperate to go out?
Me: nothing to do na?
Aneeta: yeah, am bored too.
Me: is that why you called me to come?

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