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Saturday, 24 March 2018


Aneeta: I didn't call you to come I was checking your whereabout.
Me: okay oh, am hungry what did you cook?
Aneeta: nothing.
Me: waoh so nothing to eat?
Aneeta: there is food but I can't cook, maybe you should cook.
Me: I can't joor.
Aneeta: I know you don't know how to cook.
Me: me? Who told you so?
Aneeta: I don't need to be told, I know you don't know how to cook.
Me: am a good cook oh, don't dare me oh.
Aneeta: if really you know how to cook go and cook jollof rice.
Me: you just want me to cook, I won't oh.
Aneeta: okay let's do it this way, if you cook I will take you out this night.
Me: really?
Aneeta: I cross my heart.
Me: done, I should cook here or my room?
Aneeta: here, I want to be seeing you.
Me: okay then, hope you have all the ingredients.
Aneeta: everything is in the cupboard except fish, you can buy at Mama Favor shop I will give you money.
Me: good, am cooking let me go to my room and change.
Aneeta: okay.
I got up and walk to my room, I change to short nicker and then I wear my white singlet, I return to her room and start preparing myself to cook, shes still on the bed pressing her phone, she's playing candy crush I know because of the sound of the game, girls love that game very much.
She use gas cooker which is better than my stove, at least the food won't take time, if I don't make it sweet she won't take me out as we agreed, I have to make it delicious oh, I ask money from her to buy fish and when i got to mama favor shop I ask her to tell me the things to put in jollof rice to make it very sweet, she gave me fresh fish and dry river fish very big, she gave me other ingredients and I pay her eight hundred, some of you might say the money is much oh well the kind of dry river fish she gave me when I price it in market one day they said six hundred, so the price is fair.
I return to her room and started cooking, the aroma coming from the house can be felt outside the street, even mama favor came in and said she will eat, Aunt Aneeta was just laughing.

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