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Saturday, 24 March 2018


I finish cooking and then serve her own, she saw the river fish and ask.
Aneeta: who gave you money to buy this fish?
Me: does it matter, just eat.
She kept shut and started eating, she swallow one spoon and shake her head like agama lizard.
Aneeta: who teach you how to cook?
Me: hahahaha, so are we going out tonight?
Aneeta: sure, I will take you out.
Me: now you are talking, let me take my food to my room.
Before I stand up she jump and took the pot, she put the pot inside cupboard and lock it.
Me: what's that na?
Aneeta: you cook the food for me not you.
Me: but I will still carry na.
Aneeta: finish eating the one with you first before going for another.
She return to her sit and continue eating, I didn't bother at all because it's her money, after all am trying to impress her and am glad shes gearing up already, she was really down since just because of her boyfriend, when we go out later tonight I will make sure I make her happy I will even make her forget her ex lover, if I can do that she will fall in love with me I hope.
She finish eating and then she return to the bed drinking pure water, and then she sign.
Aneeta: I really enjoy the food, anytime I want to eat jollof rice I will just call you.
Me: haha I won't come oh.
Aneeta: come on I will pay you.
Me: so when you marry that's how you will be calling me to cook for you.
Aneeta: I don't need to call you, you will be my husband (she said laughing, she didn't know am praying for her word to come to pass)
Me: I pray oh.
Aneeta: what? You won't marry me because am older than you?
Me: age doesn't matter joor.
Aneeta: so you will marry me?
Me: are you proposing? (Heart beating fast)
Aneeta: see your head like propose.
Me: (disappointed) stop playing me oh if you want us to marry tell me let me call my sister.
Aneeta: your head no correct.
Me: yes ma.
Aneeta: good.
Me: (finish eating, walk to keep my plate) so what are we going to be doing till eight?
Aneeta: go to your room, I need to be alone. (Mood Change).
Me: oh okay.
I stood up and walk to my room, stepping inside my room I heard my phone ringing, I took and pick it up.
Me: hello.
Caller: yeah, na landlady they talk, we done finish with your room.
Me: oh thank God and thank you.
Caller: okay.

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