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Sunday, 25 March 2018


She cut the call and I jump on my bed smiling, I started thinking when to start packing back, I don't want to draw much attention so I will start packing by night.
I relax on my bed happily after my landlady call, time to return to my house now and nobody will be watching me again, am free from Aunt Aneeta and mama Favor, I can continue my playboy role again.
I heard Aneeta door open, she pass my door and walk out to the back of the house, I think she went to bath, I took my phone and started playing game till sleep took me away.
I woke up later around six, I was shock how did I manage to sleep that long? From eleven to six? I just hope I will be able to sleep later in the night because this one I sleep for seven hours I hope am okay oh.
I stood up immediately and walk to Aneeta room, I knock gently and then she ask who is there, when she heard my voice she told me to come in, I open the door and walk in, shes looking nice with her tight jeans trouser and her pink handless shirt,
I saw her making up.
Me: where are you going?
Aneeta: work.
Me: I thought no work today?
Aneeta: don't worry we will still go out, I just want to go and collect something I will be back before seven.
Me: oh okay, I hope you will return on time?
Aneeta: you can follow me if you want we can even pass there to the place.
Me: follow you and do what?
Aneeta: sit down be looking, I won't stay long.
Me: oh well then wait for me let me quickly take my bath.
Aneeta: do it fast.
Me: okay.
She continue making up while I walk back to my room and run to the bathroom, I finish my bath and put on a simple wear, I spray my perfume and pocket my wallet, I check the wallet to make sure there is something inside, I don't want any fvckup.
We enter bus to her working place, it's a big hospital, she took me to the visitors room and told me to wait for her there, I relaxed on the chair and took my phone out I started playing game, nothing else to do so I focus on my game and also watching the incoming and outgoing peeps.The place is really busy, I saw one man sitting quietly, folding his hand and then he stood up and started walking up and down like a mad man, I don't need anybody to tell me that his wife is in labor, I smile and pray for his wife safe delivery.

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