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Sunday, 25 March 2018


His mind is definitely not here with the way he is going I hope he won't run mad before the baby arrive.
Later on Aunt Aneeta came to move me, I followed her inside the hospital and then we enter one office, she lock the door and gave me a note, she said I should help her write that the note is too long, I sat down and we both started writing before we finish night has come already, she apologize for taking so long and I told her that it not her fault because I was there with her, if I didn't go with her then by eight i will still be waiting for her at home.
We took a bus to ring road and then we came down and started walking inside airport road.
Me: where are we going?
Aneeta: a nice place.
Me: but there are good ones close to our side now, don't you think this place is too far?
Aneeta: that's it, I choose it because it far, don't want to see anybody I know.
Me: okay then.
I guess she's shy to walk with me to a bar because she's older than me, she can't introduce me as her friend because they will think we are dating, I don't blame her though if she don't have feelings for me why is she going out with me?
After walking for three minutes by our left there is a big bar and very busy, this one is even better than the other ones and I believe here will be more expensive.
We walk inside and then look for a free sit to sit down, everywhere is full already so we had to go upstair to sit, even upstair is filled up too but we saw an empty sit which we occupy immediately before someone else come and claim it.
Me: what will you drink?
Aneeta: are you the bar man?
Me: tell me na let me go and bring it.
Aneeta: relax the bar man will come.
Me: okay, so how are you?
Aneeta: what do you mean?
Me: I said how are you?
Aneeta: what type of question is that?
Me: what do you expect me to say na.
Aneeta: just keep quiet I come here to drink nothing else.
Me: I hope not hot drink sha.
Aneeta: why?
Me: because i don't want to carry you home.
Aneeta: oh don't worry you won't.
Me: what about your ex. (She kept shut for some minutes before replying)
Aneeta: he is an asshole and am over him already. (Someone that's here to drink because of him).
Me: good to know..
The bar man came and ask what we care for, I told him to bring Smirnoff for me while Aneeta ordered for Heineken.
Me: are you serious?
Aneeta: don't make me angry, I told you I come here to drink.
Me: hmmm.
I just hope I won't be dragging her home later today, I check the time after eight already.
The bar man return with what we order for, we started drinking and pressing phone. Aneeta finish her drink and order for another, after she finish the second bottle she stood up and started dancing, I was waoh by her move I didn't know she know how to dance, she came to me and started giving me lap dance (I know she's drunk already) other people brought their phone out and started recording us, she was dancing on my lap and my third leg is reacting, after some minutes she order for another drink, I beg her let's go but she won't listen, I check the time almost eleven, only few people are left others have gone already.
She continue drinking till eleven when the bar man told us that they want to close, Aneeta can't even stand well again she's staggering i had to support her out of the bar, I know this will happen but I can't stop it, as we stand on the road waiting for taxi she sat on the ground and rest on my leg, surprisingly she started snoring, after ten minutes we saw taxi and we enter no need to price, he took us straight to our house and then I paid him and took madam that have already gone to Mars, I took her inside and then open her room, I took her in and use her cloth to cover her body very well, as I wanted to stand up from the bed and leave she hold my hand back.
Aneeta: come here i want you.
Me: go back to sleep you are drunk.
Aneeta: shut up and come to bed.
Without waiting for my reply she draw me and I fell on her body, she climb me with force and started kissing me, she sat ontop me and started removing her shirt, when I wanted to push her of i saw the boobs and then I said.
“oh God”
I pounce on her.

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