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Monday, 26 March 2018


I lay ontop her and started sucking her boobson through her bra, she fold her hands around me like a squirrel tail, she fold her legs around my body like a scorpion, as if I will run if she let go, oh well am not going anywhere not now anyway.
She fold her hands around me as I suck the flavor out of her big boobson, sucking her boobson has been my dream and now that am sucking it I just don't want to stop, i keep on interchanging between the two boobson, they are just too big I wonder why only she will just steal all the boobson the family have, even Cynthia boobson is not even big just normal.
She removed the bra to give me full access to her boobson like access bank, I Buried my face inside her boobson and continue sucking, as if she's in a hurry she pull down her trouser and grab my dickson, she didn't suck it she just stroke it with her hand making it harder maybe she's wet and she want it quick quick, while ontop her she open her legs wide and direct my dickson inside her already wet pusssy, I thought her vj will be wide because she's not a kid and an adult like her would have been fvcking now but alas I was wrong because there was tighter than her junior sister, as I go in the second time she screamed and beg me to take it easy, I obey her and started stroking her gently, after each stroke she will tight her leg making it hard for me to pull back, the way shes behaving as if this is her first time, I don't know what's wrong with her though I don't mind I continue stroking her and the next time she tight her leg again I use force to pull back and go in again, after three minutes she started behaving like a normal human being, she took my head and started kissing me as I continue fvcking her gently, she was moaning slowly and anytime I go in harder she will shout Jesus and then use her left hand to cover her mouth so that nobody will hear, the thing started slowing me down so I raise my body up still ontop her but our body are no longer touching just our waist and our organ, I put my left hand on the bed for support and use my right hand to cover her mouth, then I start stroking again this time very fast and she started moaning and using her two hands to scatter her bedshit, as if she's under spell she started behaving like a snake, as I continue fvcking her faster she can't stand it anymore so she removed my hand from her mouth and push me out of the bed, she face the wall and started crying but I haven't released yet so I climb bed again and sleep on her back, I position my dickson on her back and insert inside her vj, she moan a little and then I started fvcking her from behind while she Started romancing the wall in front of her holding her mouth with her hand, I fvck her slowly this time so that she won't push me out of the bed again, I move my hand forward and started romancing her big boobson as I fvck her ( I just cant let go of that boobson) I fvck her for ten minutes before I pump my sperrm inside her, we sleep like that and I rap my hands around her and use the big bedsheet she scattered to cover ourselves.
The next morning i wanted to escape to my room before she wake up and started fighting me, as I removed the bedsheet and look at the bed I saw lots of blood.

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