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Thursday, 29 March 2018


I keep trying her number for almost twenty times, I even got up and walk to her house and then I saw Mama Favor, I greeted her and ask.
Me: You see Aunty Aneeta?
Mama: no oh, she just carry her handbag four days ago and disappear.
Me: where she come go?
Mama: call her line na.
Me: I don't try am e no go.
Mama: the way she take leave self e be like something they pursue her.
Me: na wa oh.
Me: una get quarrel?
Me: no oh, abeg if she come just flash me I need to see her.
Mama: you sure say everything they okay? Abi you done go her kingdom come?
Me: hahaha Mama favor abeg forget that talk, I nor be like that joor.
Mama: see who they talk, wey evidence they front of you. (I nor understand wetin she talk self).
Me: abeg I done go.
I left her there and return to my house, it's already dark but I don't mind, I took my wallet and phone wear normal wear, I walk out and lock my door, I get to the main road and took a bus to her working place (hospital), I enter inside the hospital and walk straight to one of the nurse and ask
“Hello ma, am looking for nurse Aneeta"
Nurse: she's gone,.
Me: when?
Nurse: around four, any problem?
Me: no ma, thank you, please do you have her number that I can reach her with (even though I have her number who knows she might give me another one)
Nurse: am sorry I don't know you and I can't release her number, if it's an emergency we have general phone number if you want that one I can give you.
Me: no worry thank you.
I return home and lie on my bed thinking what's going on,
I took my phone and dial her number again, nothing change still number switch off, I don't understand why she had to leave I mean what did I do? Just because of the sex we had? Now that she put me in dilemma I hope shes happy, but come on she don't need to leave now, see how am missing her seriously like she use black magic on me, oh boy I think am gonna be sick.
I was still lost in my thoughts when my phone started ringing, I quickly pick the phone up thinking it was Aunty Aneeta but unfortunately it's not, I pick the call with sad face.
Me: hello dear.

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