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Saturday, 31 March 2018


Oh well if I let Aneeta slip off now to see her again I will have to go through hell and that's something i cant risk for now because shes my top priority, she means alot to me more than Ria, who cares about TV and fridge after all I can still get them when am done with school but for now I have to chase Aneeta I need to know where shes going.
As I watch Aneeta speed away I walk Inside the bus but quickly come down when I thought about something, I came down and run to Ria, I quickly signal her to open the other door and she did, I enter the frontsit and told her to follow the van that just turn to Sapele road.
“Why exactly?” Of course she will ask.
“I will explain later just follow the car I just want to know where the car is going to” I said.
Without asking any other question, she revise the car and accelerate it, we turn the way Aneeta followed and when I look ahead I saw the van far away but still on our sight, Ria keep following her not knowing why am chasing a Toyota Van, I will explain everything to her later but for now let's just focus on our mission, what is our mission self?
“So do you care to tell me what this is all about?”
“ Oh well the lady we are chasing took all her husband property, when I called her husband he said I should chase her to see where she's going” I said.
“So why didn't he do the chasing or is she your responsibility?” She ask.
“No, her husband is still in work and her husband is my friend too, he even allow me stay with him when they were renovating my house” I lied.
“Oh so he is owner of the house?”
“Yes, so I owe him”
“I understand”
The van stop at Agip and enter one rough road, Ria followed the van and Aneeta won't suspect anything because she won't be expecting me to be chasing her with a fine Jeep, after all am nobody who am I to chase her with a jeep?
After many turnover she finally stop the van in front of one house, it seems like they just finish building the house because they haven't cement the house yet, might be that this is her house oh, but the that's impossible she just start working how can she afford a house like this?
Oh well with girls everything is possible.
Ria didnt stop the car she just drive pass the van and when I look I saw Aneeta coming down and searching her bag for her key, the driver came out and started offloading.
Ria reverse at one secondary school and turn the Jeep and when we return we saw them packing the things inside, when Aneeta saw the Jeep she pause and look Inside and luckily she can't see me because of the tinted glass of the car.
We drive pass her and then Ria said
“Can we go now?”
“Yeah, thanks”
“You welcome”.
she enter main road and speed off.

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