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Saturday, 31 March 2018


I was so carried away thinking about Aneeta that I didn't even know already that we are in ring road,
“Ria, this is not the way home.”
“Yeah I know, you forgot I promised to take you out, let's go buy you some things” she said smiling and opening her teeth. (Na person mama be this oh)
“Waoh, I can't thank you enough, I really appreciate” (I try to smile even though am still not happy)
“You don't need to, at least I have a place to stay now anytime I come to Benin” she said.
“What about your guys?”
“They travel home, they won't be back till next month or next two month”
“Oh okay, so when are you taking me to India?” (I said jokingly).
“Oh well that depend on you, if you want to follow me to India I can make arrangement”
“Seriously? Am just joking anyway never mind”
“No am serious, if you want to follow me I can make arrangement” she said turning to one big hall in airport road.
“No really, am just joking, maybe after I finish my school here” I said.
“Oh okay then, when will you graduate?” She ask.
“I have not even gain admission yet”
“What! Why?”
“Admission here is not easy though am trying to collect nursing form here but my money is not complete yet” I said.
“The school of health in dumez where you stay?”
“How much for the form?”
“Twenty thousand, and eighty thousand for school fees” (now 120,000).
“That's a small money, I will see what I can do” she said.
“No, you have done enough, don't worry about this I will find a way”
“Are you kidding me? Don't even try to stop me from helping” she said.
I didn't say anything again till we enter the big hall, as she promised she bought everything for me including some wears too, I thank her alot and then we drive home in peace as we gist about her work, she park in front of my house and then one of my neighbor help me take the fridge inside and other things, after arranging everything I look at my room and shake my head smiling, after am done playing her she will never date any Nigeria again.

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