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Monday, 26 March 2018


If not that she's Aneeta (if she's an ordinary girl) I would have resisted but knowing that I won't have another chance to taste that her succulent boobson that always want to make me go mad anytime I see it I decided to play by her own rules, of course I will regret it later but I just can't stop now, my wish since I came to Benin is to sleep with aunt Aneeta and now that the opportunity is here I just can't let it pass me by, I must enjoy every bit of it before she later wake up and start beating me up for taking advantage of her, I know I must surely regret every bit of it after all it's not my fault, after all I told her already to stay off and she refuse so she shouldn't blame me for anything beside I told her to stop drinking she didn't listen, now see the kind of dilemma she put me now, I wish there is another way I can do this without making her angry and the only way is to run away without tasting that her succulent boobson which 've been dying for, if I let this opportunity pass me by I will regret it for the rest of my life because I know this kind of opportunity won't present itself again, since I love her so much why dont I just have sexx with her and get her pregnant, if I get her pregnant I can hook her forever though it won't be easy because of my sister but it's a risk worth trying, but am I not too young now to be a father? and how am I going to take care of the baby? that won't be a problem aunt Aneeta is a nurse and if she get pregnant she can take care of herself after all she's the one taking care of her sister, she can take care of the baby and I will take care of my sister not only my sister but my family, she senior me with many years they won't support me but am ready to take the risk who knows Aunt Aneeta might even start taking care of me till I find my a way to start earning money, or maybe if I get her pregnant my people don't even need to know it will be between me and Aunt Aneeta because she won't dare tell my sister because of shame, can she even tell me? there will be many risk but am ready for anything so yes I will sleep with her.

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