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Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Anyways, she  told me to pull down my trousers and she told me to start the stop watch, so I did, and tee-girl held my dick and she while caressing the shaft, she first kissed the tip and then she put her the tip in her mouth and then teased it with the tip of her tongue, me wanted to die sha, the she put the whole dick in her mouth and “deepthroat” the mofo, I didn’t want it to end, buh to all fairness and stuff, I told her, 30secs is over, (in my mind, shit!, that felt like heaven)… anyway, I wore my boxers back( thank God, twas a new one) so the next 3 dares was just rubbish that we cant do, u know twas only two of us, not the 5th dare was “give the other partner head while he/she is watching a porn vid. Of your choice”… and I was supposed to give her head, I was happy, cos I know my head game is very lit, trust me when I say lit.
So tee-girl said, guy wait, (in my mind I was like, what again bayi) the she took her phone, then she started playing one slow romantic song from one particular playlist, then she started watching the porn, then I pulled down her bumshorts, she was wearing this pink net panties, I pulled it off, then I saw her pussy, oh god, shaved, but not too clean shaved, just how I loved it, then I started by dropping soft kisses on her laps, then I trailed the tip of my tongue around her pussy, then I trailed it once over her clitoris, she did moved, but she didn’t make any sound, then I put my mouth on her pussy, then I sucked on it, then I pushed my tongue in her pussy, wiggling it inside, then she said, guy the porn is over that I can stop, I didn’t even answer, I kept sucking since she didn’t push me away, then I moved my tongue to her clitoris and sucked on it a little, then back to her pussy hole, more tongue-ing and she started moaning, “fuck”, pulling on my hands and she moved her legs so her legs was on my shoulder, I kept sucking on her pussy hole, then I tried to move my hands to touch her boobs and that was when she pushed my head and said guy stop( whaaaaaaaaaattttt),……wehdone ooo, see how u dey read the story, okay sha, next episode

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