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Thursday, 22 March 2018


Episode 4
As my mum called,( I was like, na she know, this punani ooo, I must reach there), tee-girl no even ask who dey call, so we were kissing and then I trailed my tongue to slowly to her neck, drop a little kiss and bite there, she let out a silent moan, then I trailed it slowly to here breast, slowly trailing the tip in circles around her already hardened nipples, she was already waiting for it, trying to push her tits into my mouth, then I put her whole nipples in my mouth sucking on them hardly at first and then softly, then I teased the nipples with the tip of my tongue and she was moaning harder now, squeezing my hand and pulling my hair, (mhenn, that shit turns me on). Then I wanted to make it more fun, then I moved my right hand to her pussy while kissing her, then I started rubbing her clitoris in circle, and she was moaning in between kissing, trying hard not to make it loud, then I slipped my middle finger in her pussy hole and she gasps a little and I pushed it in a little,and pulled it out, then I pushed It a little further, then I pulled it out again, then I pushed it the extreme, and she called out my name urging  me to go faster, infact begging me, then I started going faster, thrusting in and out veryfast and harder, she was moaning on the top of her lungs, “baby go faster”, then I started vibrating and wiggling my hand inside her pussy, then I thought of  something, then I put my tongue on hr clitoris and started sucking it, while fingering even harder the more, I teased her clitoris a little, and sucked hard again while vibrating my finger in her pussy, meanwhile I was squeezing her boobs with my left hand, teasing her nipple with my finger, then she started cumming, I did I know? Because she started moaning and saying she was cumming, and also the taste of her pussy turned sweeter, then sh was telling me to go faster which I did, my hand was already aching, then when she cummed, I looked around because I could take my head up, I realized every where was dark, then I peeped at my phone, 7:46pm….whaaaaaaaaatttt, should have been home by 5:30pm, I don die, then I heard her saying “baby, I want you inside me now please”, kai what im I gonna  do, so I just………ah ah ah you like story gaan o, you want to kniw what I did… you try, next episode jor

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