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Friday, 23 March 2018


I know time has really gone, buh the way she said it, I couldn’t resist then she pulled me  up so I could kiss her and then she went for my dick, the perfect 11.7inches with 1.9 inches in diameter was already at alert, owning to the fact that I used “God knows how many” milligrams of trams coursing through my system… then she was like, baby, fuck me, almost crying with the way she was begging, and I like, put my dick in your pussy yourself… when she did, we both let out a gasp, it was the best fucking feeling I ever had… her pussy was the best, not to tight and not loose, then she curves her legs around my body,her right hand was wrapped around my head, with her fingers in  my hair and her left hand around my next, my chest was touching her taut harden nipples,with how skin sharing our body warmth, then I started fucking her slowly at first and then started pounding her pussy, she started moaning “fuck me baby, I love you baby, ooooo,ahhhh” like say na young M.A song ooouu…she started gripping my head running her fingers through my hair, fuck that shit made me more crazy,  then I went faster, fucking her pussy in short and shallow thrust then changing to long deep thrust, then I went faster and deeper this time, then she started moaning louder this started because she started gripping the sheets, then I slowed the pace of the thrusting and like an angel sent from heaven, she whispered into my ear, “I want to ride that dick baby”…those word were golden sha, then I pulled my dick out and laid on the bed while she tries to put my dick into her pussy, then she said im no longer hrd like before(in my mind, kai shey trams go kon fuck me up ni) then I got an idea, I said maybe if she sucks it, then I get hard so she sucked(you already know the b.j. story at episode 2, no need tell it again). So my dick got harder because that blow job was paradise in heaven,then she slipped it in, fuck, it felt better than the first time,then she started by twerking on my dick, going in and out, only her ass bouncing and moving with my hands on that big ass, fuck, that shiit is even turning me on right now that im saying it,then after some moments of deep groaning and screaming +moaning, she started twisting, and I was going crazy with my hands on her boobs, fuck that shit was the bomb, then some thing told me in my mind( you this boy, round this thing up or else u weenuh fuck another, you mum is pricing a tokunbo rifle aidy), yeeeee, so I had to make her cum soonest,so I put her hands down on the bed beside my head, lifted her ass up a little so that her kneels was in the bed also,then I started fucking her from below then this moaning I haven’t heard it before, telling me to go faster, fuck me almost crying, I did, then I heard her saying, im cumming, I was too happy, then I went faster like hell, whole, and she climaxed with a loud scream and she collapse on my chest, not that she fainted ode, she was exhausted, we laid there for a while, just kinda resting, and then she said, baby don’t go, sleep over,( that voice said, if u sha sleep over, just try to buy your coffin when you are going home, sleep where, see devil ooo, when no be last supper) so I told I had to go home, so she reluctantly stood up, and she said she couldn’t see me off but she gave me a goodbye kiss, ion even shower,so I told her ill call her when I get home, the time was9:30 already, so I bought 2 sachet water on the way home, poured one on my shirt and the second on my trousers( stupid right lol) got home. My mum was so angry, I told her that it was because of rain(see lie) that my clothes are wet sef, she was angry but she didn’t alter a word, so I took my bathe, while I was drying my body, my phone rang, guess who, tee girl, she said that I couldn’t call her, I said I was about to, then she said the reason why she couldn’t see me off was that her pussy was peppering her…(waaawwuu), that we must finish what we started that the next time I come to her place that she would be the one to lead, so I asked her when, and she said……….ah ahha hahnn he don do na, you too like story, this is THE END of the first series, hope you enjoyed it, don’t forget to drop cpmment so I can improve…you want to know what happens next, the next series coming soon, incase the characters or events here have any resemblance with a real life stuff, well what can I say SHIT HAPPENS… yours fuckingly, BADDY