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Wednesday, 21 March 2018


She pushed my head back and she said stop, I said why she didn’t say anything (me that was high on trams), then I asked, do u want me to stop, she said she doesn’t know (in my mind, I was like this one wants to play hard to get sha),  then I tried to put my head between her laps again and she parted it, the I continued eating pussy, then she started moaning again, then I sucked this time touching her boobs, teasing her taut nipples with my fingers, trailing my tongue on her pussy before sucking hard, then soft again, then this time she was moaning a lot, and she started pulling my head closer to her pussy, then she kept moaning, then I was like in my mind (sucking have do, lemme move to the next level) then I trailed my tongue up her belly to her navel, sucked on it a little and then she pushed me away again saying we should stop this time (in my mind, I was like, make I kon dey go my house ooo, before I rape this girl, cos its just like she just wanted to suffer my life)… so I looked for her panties, and tried to wear it on her, she was like, what are you doing, I said since she wants us to stop, im trying to control myself, then she chuckled and pulled my shirt to herself and kissed me, and we started kissing, mehn her lips tasted like paradise, the she pulled of my shirt and I pulled hers off, while kissing she moved her hands to my dick, (in my mind, I was like yessssssssss), twas at that moment my phone rang, and I just opened my eyes just to peep at my phone, (we were still kissing tho), twas my mum calling, the time was already 7:10pm (yeeeeeeeeeeeeee, mogbe)….. you still dey read this stuff, kai, you try oo, you too like story

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