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Thursday, 1 March 2018


His heart leapt with joy as he heard the beautiful cries of the tiny new born baby. He was a success already, he looked closer into the baby's eyes and saw himself through him. He looked at the tired new mother, he kissed her as he wrapped the tiny girl with a big shawl. He quickly wrapped the umbilical cord in a polythene nylon, he cleaned the baby with a cotton wool dabbed in olive oil and baby oil. He placed a call through his mother.
"Mum, come to no 2, Gaddafi's lodge, in my school, Gori's wife is there and she needs your help urgently... Her baby is here..." He explained.
"Who are you please? You sound like my dead son..."
"Please, bring a nurse along..." He closed his eyes in bitterness as he ended the call, he missed his mother and widjwd he could held her. He turned and watched his beautiful wife and adorable daughter.
"Baby, our baby is here..." She sounded faintly.
"Honey, thanks for being strong..." He acknowledged her, she had called him that her water had broken and when he came in, and saw the baby's head, he had no option than to be an impromptu nurse. He had singlehandedly took her delivery.
"Mum..." She said into the speaker.
"I... I..."
"You what?" She asked.
"My baby is here..." She smiled.
"Where are you?"
"Home bí I to bawo?" She asked in her dialect.
"E woo, mummy, e shá à má a bò" she replied. (Look mum, just come). She ended the call.
"Good evening, your excellency..." He greeted as he squatted near him, he dusted his hands against his faded ripped jean, he rolled his shirt as he stood up. Some hefty built men made towards him but the deputy himself stopped them.
"Who are you? I am sure you are not the said shadow?"
"Uhn... You are so good at guessing..." He smiled as he roamed round the room.
"Go straight to the point, my friend!" Sangoyode nagged.
"Calm down, Mr. Man." He sat and lit a wrap of kush.
"How dare you smoke in my presence?"
"Alayé, calm down. I've just two more people on my list... Just you and that funny VC... And I can't wait to end it all already."
End what all?your life ba?"he mocked.
"In all games... There is always a winner and loser..."
"Why are you here?" He was calm a little.
"Your life... I heard you are the leader of the green. " it wa his turn to mock him.
"Oh... You wanted to know the leader of the green?"
"You are!"
"I am not even one of them.... They only assisted me in the elections..." He explained.
"Who is the leader?" Gori was fuming already.
"Let's go" he took his car keys and ordered his escort to wait behind.

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