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Friday, 2 March 2018


"See, we will have to kill this baby o... This is our last trial... If this fails, then we are all dead meats." Oluwo complained, in his hands was a new born baby who had already been stripped Unclad.
"Daddy... Let's be fast about this joo... I'm sure he would soon come after Us o." She said impatiently.
"This house is familiar to me." He scanned everywhere as they made to enter.
"You would soon know, Mr. Shadow."
"I'm afraid he might be in danger..." Godwin said, he immediately began to take off his ear and body rings, something he does in distress.
"Calm down and let's meet him at the said place..." Olu said.
"Gori is not someone to give up easily... I know we will all see this to the end." Solo added.
"Guys, we don't have diabolical power like Gori... Moreso don't you guys think this thing is beyond our power.... Why...why..." He kept quiet, seeing him through the university was his parents only achievement, he was his parents sixth and last child, four of his siblings died of polio while his immediate brother was lame already. He should risk his life for a school which wasn't in his state of origin sef... He sighed of uncertainty.
" one, I understand you, bro. Just go and meet the students standing infront of the SUG building. We will notify you when and where to meet up with you guys."
"I think that's better." He sighed.
"Hey guys, I received a call now from one of the SUG guys." Officer Jakande said rolling a wrap of crack.
"...that?" Jude who was busy sipping a lucozade boost asked.
"He sent me an address and ask us all to meet at the said address by 5p.m."
"I saw his mail too... From one Godwin. He said if we get to the place, we should all hang around with our men on standby." Irabor added.
"Is it the D day already." Jakande took a drag and passed it to Irabor.
"Jakande, mobilise your men... We are ending this poo altogether today. I go even get time knack all this skimpy babes wey dey sef." He took a long drag.
"Mummy, they took my baby already..." She complained amidst tears, she was in a oversized 'iro' and 'buba'.
"Ah! What should we do now?" Mama Gori who was panicking asked.
"I have been trying to get through to Goriola." She held her painful breast, her 'buba' was already soaked of breastmilk.
"Which Gori?" The confused mother asked.
"Mum, Gori is alive... He took my delivery... He is... He promised to come see you after... After everything."
"Gori is dead Jo... I think the person who took your delivery was Gori's reincarnate."the confused mother said.
"Mummy, that aside... Please I need my baby... I want to see her!" She was in tears.
"Do you know who took her?"
"I knew they are my grandfather's apprentice... They forcefully took her... See my breast, mummy." She flung off her clothes showing her breastmilk filled body.
"Calm down, my daughter."
"She needs me, mum. God knows what is happening to her right now." She looked so worried.
"Nothing will happen, my dear... But why would your grandpa take your daughter forcefully?"
"Mummy, let's go." She sprang up dragging her mother in-law.
"Calm down, Tiwa. Everything would be good." She wiped her face with the edge of her wrapper. She lost her husband, her first son and now, her grandchild. Life was indeed unfair.
All his friends were dead already, they were seven Greens with children but in the past few years,(most recently) he had lost everyone dear to him. He was the only surviving sirGreen. He put off his clothes and wore his green regalia, he wanted to end it all but the message he received from the governor changed his mindset, he had a chance of surviving.. He got to the living room and met his wife and children seeing a movie, he walked past them paying little or no attention to them. They were the least of their problem that moment.
"Daddy Viv, where are you going to with this absurd regalia." The children laughed, the green uniform looked so funny. He walked out without replies. The wife stood up and went to the window, she was aware of his husband rumored involvement in the ongoing fraternity junks. All his friends were dead, he was the last man standing. He stood outside his car for some minutes looking round his acquired wealth... His mansion, his cars, and extravagant lifestyle. He took a last breathe and walked out. His wife sensing danger took her car keys and followed her husband ignoring the worried children.

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