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Saturday, 3 March 2018


Oluwo held the blade, it would be better to end the shadow than to end the Green, the baby's blood would cleansed his sins and killed the shadow. He was bitter, he was about slaughtering his first grandchild but it was what he had to do to save his daughter.
"Let's do this, you hear me? It's for your on good. I've few moments to spend but I wantus to use this baby's blood to cleanse yourself and your daughter." There was silence, they could hear the sound of a door creaked.
"Were you expecting someone?" Miss Eyiwunmi asked.
"Maybe it's Gori... But don't you think it's too early?" Sangoyode entered.
"...and what are you doing here?" The puzzled old man asked.
"Do you think this place is somewhere you can just go in and out anyhow?" Miss Eyiwunmi added.
"Don't baba me... Do you think I have your time?"
"Oluwo.." They all turned to where the voice came from, Oluwo staggered backward while miss Eyiwunmi ran for covered.
"...what is happening?" The confused shadow asked as he stepped inside.
"Gori Fatoyinbo, you asked to know who the leader of the Green is, isn't it?"
"...and what the hell are we doing here?!"
"One of these two is the leader of the green?" Sangoyode said pointing his thumbs at Miss Eyiwunmi and Oluwo.
"I don't understand..." Gori picked his phone and dialled a number.
"Hello... Solo! Bring your men to the said location!" He ended the call.
"Baba Oluwo... Good to meet you again...!" He stretched his hands for an handshake.
"Cut it there, stupid boy! Poor you!" Oluwo spat.
"Baba, OK...OK... I'm sorry I have not been checking in you or redeeming my pledges... I've been busy dealing with the useless Green..."
"Don't ever! I repeat... Do not ever call my fraternity useless! What do you want?" He cut in.
"Oluwo... I don't understand you.... How... How..."
"How what?" Oluwo laughed. "You're just a bright candle that cannot see it's bottom.... Stinky fool..." He cursed.
"Wait oh! I'm not getting it... Do you mean you have a hand in all that has been happening in our school."
"Before nko?" Miss Eyiwunmi chuckled.
"Mother-in-law... What..."
"What is what? Ehn... Gori... Can't you just leave me and my father alone." She adjusted the baby she was carrying.
"Ugh... Wait o... Is that not my child?" He kept his phone in his pocket and moved closer to Miss Eyiwunmi.
"Stop there! A dog that enters an Ogun shrine belongs to the god of iron! You're just a toothless dog, Gori. Oh, you thought you killed Ken abi! Like you are a powerful man...ehn... Let me tell you this, I killed that idiot myself, after I got the bastard hypnotised, and he killed himself, you now think you're revenging his stupid death. You are making the same mistake Ken made, and I'm going to kill you the way I killed him." He stepped backward, took two shawls, tied one and gave one to Miss Eyiwunmi.
"I'm fully prepared for this day... You fool." Gori knew he had been played, the same man who initiated him had played him, he got the picture... Oluwo was his worse enemy.
"What are you doing here with my child?" He turned to his mother-in-law.
"Your child, my grandchild?" She scoffled.
"Give her to me."
"Stop kidding yourself! She is our item of sacrifice and I won't blink a second to slit her throat!" Oluwo threatened.
"Your own grandchild! You want to kill your own grandchild for a stupid confraternity? What grandmother are you?"
"I can do anything to save my own biological father!" She barked!
"Oh! I can get a clearer picture... Oluwo is your father, Tiwa is oluwo's granddaughter and our baby should be his great grandchild! What sort of wahala is this? Let me tell you this, my own child can never be an item of sacrifice for you dumbasses!"
"Watch me!" Oluwo brought out the blade and moved closer to the crying baby. Gori removed his belt and threw it on oluwo's shawl and both disappeared immediately.
"Where is my shawl?" Oluwo was fidgeting already, his shawl was his source of power and he couldn't risk it for anything even at the point of death.
"Your shawl? It's here..." Gori replied sarcastically pointing towards the flames of smoke.
"Ahhhh!" Oluwo exclaimed, without his shawl, his doom was near.
"Now, give me that child to me!" He said authoritatively. Miss Eyiwunmi crawled to where he stood and handed the baby over to him.
"Now, both of you should go on your kneels..." They obeyed. He turned to Sangoyode. "...and you too, foolis man." He obeyed immediately. The VC entered almost immediately and on sighting the woke scenario... He knelt without been told. Gori sighed.
"He sighted a plastic chair at a corner and sat on it, brought out his pone and dialled Godwin's number.
"Tell one of the policemen to come inside together with Solomon and others." He disconnected the call.
"Oluwo, who is the leader of the Green?" He leaned backward, crossed his legs and held his belt in a twirl, he flapped the belt and on sighting the belt, Oluwo began to talk.
"I... I... I am the founder of the Green..." He started. "I created the deadly group in revenge of the death of my beloved and only son." He sobbed, Miss Eyiwunmi blew her nose too. The VC exchanged a confused glance with Sangoyode and Gori.
"I had two children all my life! Adunni and Akanji who was murdered to clean the poo these men and some students committed." He pointed towards the VC.
"I don't understand you, sir! I don't even know you buh I can recognize your voice from the strong room... I don't understand all these!!!" The VC knew they had been playing fast one on him.
"My wife died while giving birth to Adunni, leaving behind two children... I cared for them through my farm and IFA business. I was a white herbalist till the painful death of Akanji in 1981. He gained admission newly and I had to sell my plot of land, my farmland and my house so he could go to school. His deadbody was brought back home two days after resumption." Miss Eyiwunmi sobbed louder, blowing her nose and cleaning her eyes.
"...when I asked what happened to him, I learnt four young lecturers and some students were involved in robbery and at the verge of being caught, my innocent son who saw them was killed so as to clean all links with which the could be caught.... It was painful.." The VC remembered the incident, himself, John, Yusuf, Akin and some students had gone to rob some group of people, the police got wind of them and as they were trying to escape by seeking covers under a rock, a village boy with luggage's had screamed on sighting their weapon calling the attention of a police officer.well, they killed him and after some days,the father had came and pointed them out but there was no evidence but he had promised to cone after them that year, but none of them took it to heart not after the Green came and they became powerful..
"I stopped being a white herbalist, burnt all my charm and went to collect power from laalu ogiri oko through the ogboni confraternity. I had been killing innocent children through these foolish men who I had been manipulating... When Ken came into the picture, I used him to rape and harrass the seven men but when you came,I knew you possess more spiritual powers, you're gifted, sent by olodumare himself. I wanted to change your mission by using to revenge ken's death but the more I tried, the more it became cannot be killed by anyone... Please forgive me..." He pleaded.
"You're just a shameless man... Revenging the death of your son by killing thousands of innocent ladies? By forming up a fraternity made up by evil men who killed your son? You're heartless and ruthless... These men are even strafing your said daughter! All those men were screwing her and you're aware!"
"Screwing her? Ngbo, Adunni?" He faced Miss Eyiwunmi who looked down immediately. "Ah, Adunni, see where your promiscuity landed us!"
"So Eyiwunmi is your daughter?" The VC asked.
"Yes, and she has been working together with me by managing the fraternity with me. We attended most meetings together or she come alone... That was why no one knew who the leader was till now". He explained further.
" ah! We have been fooled!" The VC raised his hands, the NTA cameraman brought the video closer to the VC while other watched from afar.
"So how does Sangoyode came into the picture?"
"He is one of the foolish people I succeeded manipulating. I, as a stark illiterate and my daughter who had a school cert are ruling a whole school and when we discovered he was a perfect fit, we chose to use him to rule the whole state... We made him the deputy but we are really in charge of this state... It can never move forward ... All the money he though he was making were papers, Yoruba call it 'agbana', we spend the real money..." He added, Sangoyode watched the old man in amazement, no wonder the best he had achieved was a new model SUV and a filling station after spending six years in office.
The door opened and two people entered, Tiwa and Gori's mother.
"What? Goriola!!! Gori, this is your father?" Two eyes meet, she could remember everything now, he impregnated her...

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