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Sunday, 4 March 2018


"Goriola Anikulapo!" She pointed a finger towards him.
"Who are you?" She looked much like his old girlfriend but hell no, she was dead.
"It's me Pemisire Pedro..." His eyes widened! It was his old girlfriend but why was she there.
"Goriola..." She turned to Gori.. "This is your biological father!!!" She placed her hands on her ahead, Tiwa collect her child from Gori who stood up, pacing round the room.
"My father!"
"My son!" They asked almost immediately exchanging glances.
"Gori, please stand... You cannot kneel for your son..." Pemisire Pedro made to run to him but she was held back by Gori.
"Mum, how come? The confused Gori Fatoyinbo asked.
"He... I don't know... He was my fiancée... Gori, where are my parents?" She asked impatiently.
"I... I haven't seen them since you left... But your dad launched a book recently" He stammered.
"Since I left?" She was disappointed, he had betrayed him. Her parents were her joy, she was their only daughter and when she introduced Gori to them when she was in her first year, they had accepted him as part of their family and made sure he was retained after his service year, he was the registrar as at then. Four years into their relationship, Pemisire had gotten pregnant and Gori gladly accepted but their was when the troubles started. Gori wanted to join the Green and as a prospective member, he was to sacrifice his wife. Even though it was hard to do such to a woman who do not only loved him, but a woman who stood with him from when he was wearing 'wet and wear' shirt, who also got him the job that was putting meals on his table. He succeeded the sacrifice but another trouble was looming behind the desk. The leader of the Green had ordered him to dispose the woman's lifeless body which he did and ever since forgotten. Standing in front of him was his almost-twenty-five year old mystery.
Immediately her Father in law(Gori's stepfather's father) saw her and took her to his house, the only thing she remembered was Omogoriola. She kept calling everyone around Omogoriola till she delivered and chose to christened her son Omogoriola. She lost her memory, everything that had happened to her before she came to Ondo State.
"I thought you were dead..."
"Not when she was bringing me to this world to save souls from your wicked hands." Gori spat, the VC closed his eyes in shame, he had been harrassed and disgraced to. NTA and some of the school's SUG were there and he could not bore the shame. He wished the ground could accept him that minutes.
"Stop that, son! Do not talk to your father like that!" She shut her eyes as she corrected her son.
"Kpa! Kpa!! Kpa kpa!!!" Pemisire opened her eyes as she heard the gunshot.
"Mummy!" Tiwa ran to her mother who was already in her blood's pool.
"Ti...wa... Our baby... I'm... I'm sorry...." She closed her eyes as she succumbed to death.
"Gori, what came over you? You killed your own father..." Pemisire sobbed.
"Mr. Man, why take law into your hands? You're under arrest!" Jakande said without moving close to the said shadow, the compound which had been filed with students was now beaming, the student in and out of the room were jubilating.
Tiwa stood up, adjusted her breathmilk-soaked blouse and her baby, advanced towards Gori and hugged him,they were in that position for minutes till Gori fell on his kneels, with a dagger stocked in his bowels, their daughter was crying too, Tiwa removed the dagger from his stomach.
"You loved me and you killed my mother, my only family member? You deserved death too... We both deserved death!" She cried.
"Please o... Carry him for me o... Gori! Gori! Gori! Please o..." Pemisire was shouting while Olu and Solo rallied round him trying to save his life.
"I am! Mission accomplished!" He coughed and breathe his last.
"Gori... Gori! Wake up!" Solo cried!
"Ah!" She dropped her baby and fell, the two people who meant life to her were dead and she wanted to end it all too... She had suffered a lot.
"E GBA mi o..." Gori's mother cried, she ran and picked the baby as every one rallied round the two lovebirds dead body.

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