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Thursday, 8 March 2018


Daniella's pov
"Hey Ronnie, I need your help right now" I whispered on the phone to Ronnie my butler.
"On the count of ten,I want all your assignments on my desk right now!" Mr Kendrick roared.
I woke up at the wrong side of the bed today feeling frustrated and uneasy,the concert didn't go well as planned. Whilst performing on stage, a crazy fan pulled my ankle and I stumbled and fell on the large amount of screaming people,they ran their hands all over my body part.
And when I said all over I meant all over.
I was humiliated and finally got them off me with the help of the security guards,I was devastated. I ducked my head in embarrassment following a path and hid my self in my dressing room until the end of it.
It was the talk of the day,B- lists social media pages had it,I ignored the paparazzi cause I know they will only make it worse. Mum forced me to come out today after three days of my hiding,I obliged cause she gave me one of those pep talks you see yourself agreeing to everything without fully comprehending the intended purpose.
To top it all up,I forgot my literature assignment in my dresser,I enjoyed writing it so much expecting an A from Mr Kendrick but I guess his infuriated face begs to disagree.
"Yes,what can I help you with ms Anderson?" Ronnie chimed.
"Daniella" I corrected. "Could you help get my manuscript the one with the pink and white poker dot,it's in my dresser"
"Yes ma'am will be there in one" What the!!
"Ronnie,what do u mean one. One what. Is it a minute,an hour or" I brought my fingers to hide my face "or do you mean a day". I asked eagerly but no response.
" reporting to you live from prestige senior high" I heard a really loud chime coming from the back seat. I turned my head only to see Kate and mecha. Our school's broadcasters. They are responsible for reporting,sharing,recording and viewing all interesting trend in our school.
Kate dad is a well known journalist in england,he works with the largest newspaper and magazines companies in the state. She wants to be just like her dad only that hers is more childish. She has an average height,pale skin,brown straight hair always accompanied with different colours of bows to match her outfit,grey eyes,her parents are really wealthy I guess that why she's able to attend our school. She's quite friendly but too loud,very pretty but doesn't know about it. I mean seriously,doesn't
she own a mirror urghh
On the other hand, Mecha is the complete opposite of her bestie. She's dark in complexion,she has lovely chocolate brown eyes,really tall like model like tall with curvy assets,long shadow like black hair which stops at her mid waist,pretty too but shy. Sometimes I wonder how she became friends with Kate stone. It amazes me sometimes the two are polar opposites.
Mecha dad works with my dad in the exporting business and her mum owns a fashion industry just like mine. I guess majority of the kids here were wealthy,some are kids of famous actors,dancers,business group,fashionistas. Whilst others are celebrities them selves just like Beth and I. ( well,I wasn't that famous yet but really soon, I'll be).
But I don't consider them as my friends,just peeps I hang out with occasionally.
Kate turned on the camera pointing it to me and said some few words that I didn't comprehend and I heard Mecha giggle.

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