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Friday, 9 March 2018


That's it I'm doomed.
I inhaled and exhaled anticipating what's next, I put my iPhone in my pocket and closed my eyes as Mr Kenderick counted ten.
"Good day sire,here is the last" a very familiar voice said,I opened my eyes and they landed on a short man,mud skinned with dark eyes,perfectly black hair gelled to the back,illuminating grey hairs and wearing a tuxedo. That's when I realised it was Ronnie I jerked up immediately and grinned my way to stand beside him.
"How did u make it on time?" I giggled collecting my paper work.
"Actually,kira saw it in your dresser when she was cleaning up your room this morning and handed it to me. I followed you thereafter" oh wow this day couldn't get any better.
"Thanks so much Ronnie",I slightly hugged him and submitted it where it was meant to be. Mr
Kendrick's desk. Ronnie nodded and turned to Mr Kendrick saying things that I didn't quite get. I got back to my pink coloured desk.
" babes,you are so lucky Ronnie picked it up"beth chimed resting her elbows on her desk to let her face on it.
"It's my compensation for what happened on stage last week" I frowned bringing that disastrous topic. I cringed thinking of the amount of times I scrubbed my body to get sweat from the crowd off of me.
"Don't let that get to you D" Beth advised flinging her wavy brown hair and flashing me her straight white teeth. I smiled back. I was about responding when the bell rang signaling the end of the class. I scanned everyone looking for Ronnie but didn't see him,I guess he went home.
Beth held my hands swinging her way through the hallway going into the cafeteria.
"Daniella,Beth!!!,hey wait up!" We heard someone yell our names. I turned my back and saw Christine,Hannah and Tori our school's best gymnasts. They were still putting on their leotards. It's obvious they just finished practice. Now guys when I tell you they are flexible,I mean rubber like flexible. They throw their body up in the air without thinking of the consequences,so confident,beautiful,smart and have great serenity.
We bore them into a hug but it got awkward when they jumped whilst spinning us around
"It's OK now lizards" beth smirked,I laughed at the nickname trying to compose my self.
"Let's go eat" Tori clapped her hands enthusiastically while Christine rolled her eyes leading us to our table. We don't have any VIPs table in our school cause everybody here is as important as the rest, so you move in with the crowd in order not to loose your steps.
We finally got to an empty table for five and we settled in,I looked around seeing people bicker about something but when I look they duck their heads. I mean that's it,can't they just move on,cause I did.
When I turned back to our table I saw the girls laughing about something and I laughed anxiously too in order to feel among.
"Now who do we have here,the pretty little
butterfly who doesn't know how to fly" I heard a pouting voice coming from my left. I looked up only to see Melissa Walsh, my rival,she moved her stupid blonde hair away from her eyes and stared at me intensely with her blue eyes,she had tanned skin with a slim and tender waist. Perfect for her I must admit. Her signature outfit consisting of skimpy skirts and tank top,oh she decided to put on a jacket today. oh wow
" Oh that actually rhymed I must admit" I rolled my eyes at Hannah,she shrugged muttering "just saying"
I was about giving Melissa a piece of my mind when I spotted Jared beside Melissa. What are
they doing together?

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