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Saturday, 10 March 2018


Gabriella's POV
"So that's how we solve linear equation" Mr Lamar,our math teacher finishes. I heard some 'oh's and I still dont get's' at the back of the class but it made all lot of sense to me. I've always been a lover for math,I don't get why people find it disgusting and jargon like. It makes sense a whole lot to me and I always keep my straight A's
6 minutes,50 seconds till the class ends,everyone packed up their books into their bags waiting for the dismissal bell.
"OK OK,everyone just leave since we're done for today" Mr Lamar suggested which made him look like some comic hero. The class roared in excited and got up.
I was about doing the same but I jinked when I heard my name.
"Ms Grey,can I see you for a minute? Mr Lamar asked peering at me.
Damn it,that's what they all say. 'Can I see you for a minute' but guess what?.
That minute turns into an hour or two. How disapproving. He gazed at me with wide eyes
All my! Did I actually say that out loud.
I walked over to his desk fiddling with my fingers. What if he decides to fail me,Mr Lamar loves me just like the rest teachers except Mr wiliams. Mr Williams said I look like his ex wife. I know right,it's not my fault she found him unattractive and grumpy.
" Gabriella, I need you to do something to get extra credits" Mr Lamar said clearing my thoughts.
I stared at him averting my eyes from my fingers. OK bright blue eyes which looks focused,blonde hair which looks disheveled,Acne on his head. I think Mr Lamar would have been actually good looking except for his straight and not so playful face,he doesn't smile much. I think he would be in his late Thirty's or so.
"Are u even listening" he broke my thoughts again. "I've noticed your slightly distance and awkward attitude towards school" he paused. "Is everything OK at home?" He inquired staring at me with worried eyes.
I guess he's kind of right,my mum just got a new job as an airplane attendant,I should he happy about that but she doesn't come home often again. Always having to go on late night flights and the likes,taking more shifts. Matt barely catches a glimpse of her. Always getting to bed before she returns or waking up and she's gone. How sad.
He had to live with the fact of not knowing his father and now barely catching the retreating figure of his mum.
Matt and I got our surname 'Grey' from my mum's dad. My grandpa. She made a pact not to use my late Father's name or matt's dad name. Her hatred for Dante,Matt's dad is justified cause he left her when she needed him the most but what I don't understand is the fact that she doesn't want to discuss about my dad. I've asked her a lot of times if she hates him,I mean it's not his fault he died after my birth. So why the hate?.
I keep thinking about it but I guess I won't find out at this rate.
"Yes sir,my mum got a new job. She's been super busy lately and I get to be the second mum to matt" I laughed anxiously.
"Ohh" that's all I heard until I saw him look outside at the door confusedly.
I followed his gaze and saw Tyler and Lily standing outside making funny faces at each other stupidly and childishly. They are oblivious to the fact that Mr Lamar and I are gawking at them with eyes wide open.
They do that a lot whenever they bicker about irrelevant topics. Tyler may be our school's most adorable and loved teen but he still amazes me in everything he does. No one besides Lily and i knows about his crazy 'secrets' like the fact that he refuses to add milk to his cereals,or that he still wears sponge Bob's pyjamas to sleep. So hilarious.

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