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Sunday, 11 March 2018


But the only fault I find in him is the fact that he tries to impress others,not showing the great,genial and goofy Tyler he was created to be.
Lily on the other hand is unpredictable,sometimes she scares me. She can go from being goofy to the 'I don't care' kind of attitude, she is genial and chirpy but garrulous,always giving her opinions about everything she sees or hears. She gets bored way too easily always throwing paper on the floor signaling she is beyond bored.
Lily always hated Tyler when I introduced them both but it stopped when Tyler publicly defended her against Emma in freshman.
Mr Lamar shoed them out using his fingers,they muttered sorry but not forgetting to wave at me and push each other using their arms. How immature I rolled my eyes.
"So sir what can I do then" I asked suddenly feeling hungry. It's almost lunch.
"You are going to have to tutor someone" he said looking at a piece of paper. Tutoring someone shouldn't be a problem we just have to look for an appropriate date and time for the section,I can juggle it with being a second mother to matt,the extra credit totally worth it. I nodded in agreement
It can never go wrong.
"Here,Philip Reece,he's really bad in math"
What the hell,I take that back!!
This will so go wrong.
I felt an ache on my temples suddenly feeling nauseous.
"Sir please let's think this through,I can't tutor Philip. Just get me another student" I begged.
"What's wrong with Philip,he's a junior" he disputed. "You will be able to make up for the classes you missed and extra credits"
Mr Lamar is right,I really need those extra credit.
"OK" I muttered solemnly.
This day couldn't get any worse!
"What's was that all about G?" Lily questioned going through her back pack. We are at our lockers which is thankfully close to each other.
"Mr Lamar asked me to tutor Philip" I said letting out an aggravated sign. Her face evolved frantically. And she gaped at me like a loon.
Lily isn't also a fan of Philip either,she stays away from him like he had a contagious disease. She always fell for his immature pranks since middle school.
I remember freshman year,when Philip mailed her a present on her birthday,she called me to help check it out cause she was always careful when it came to Philip and 'packages'. He stopped trying to get to me,when he saw that I was unaffected by his childish acts. It's like an ant trying to break through a hard wall. Well let's see,'impossible'
Then he went with being rude,arrogant and cocky.
Oh please,like I actually give a fuck
There were beeping sounds coming from the package,we cried our eyes out embracing each other thinking it was actually a bomb. I remember lily crying that she hasn't gone to college yet,or gotten married,we waited for the explosion which would have ended our lives but nothing came.
Confused,So I bravely collected the package from the ground where Lily tossed it. Then I tore it open and saw a magenta alarm clock peering at me. Lily came over,we laughed so much mocking each other's reaction.
We came to think of the fact that Philip would never actually have tried to murder us in real life.
We tried getting back at Philip but failed shamelessly,I mean that guy is the king of pranks. He needs a crown to complete his cockiness. But there is more to the hate apart from me 'accidentally' revealing his love for 'Meghan trainor'. What a childish grudge.
Lily shook me continuously while yelling "you are doomed,go change your identity" she stopped then started pacing the hall way ignoring the confused stares of the rest. She rubbed her chin then looked at me with wide grey eyes then shook her head and murmured a quick "that wont work" drama queen
" move to new York G,your uncle lives there right,he will take you happily or better still disguise your self and hide till finals then you can move,if Mr Lamar asks I will simply tell him you transfered schools. Yes much better" I rolled my eyes giving her time to finish. Always taking everything so seriously even if it's so subtle. She isn't scared of the fact that he will try to harm me, cause he can't but she is more worried about him giving me a hard time during the study section.
"Now who's getting a transfer?" A preppy voice questioned. We turned to see Emma, the haughty and loud Emma Rodriguez giving us a quizzical stare. Just because she 'thinks' she's the hottest girl in school due to her skimpy clothes and bitchy attitude thinks she can walk over everyone. Rumours say she has been laid by literally all the football team members in our school including Tyler. I know right but he defended himself saying he got drunk and ended up at Emma's room naked with Emma beside him. Ever since then she followed him around clutching at him and telling the whole school lies about being his girlfriend. Tyler told her times without number to stay away from him but every time she gets shoved like a leech she comes back in her bitchy self for more.
I saw two of her minions and best friend stand beside her and I stood in front facing Emma,as I scanned her outfit consisting of a skimpy tight body dress revealing her haunch. Accompanied by a heavily made up face. She has grey eyes and wavy blonde hair.
"Oh Gabriella has finally revealed her love for homeless pigs,now she wants to join them. How great" she laughed in a high pitched tone followed by her minions.
"The last time I checked,I didn't order a Bumptious whore for lunch" I barked glaring at her "or did you Lily?" I smirked asking my best friend
"Well I think it's meant for the janitor over there" Lily laughed pointing at the janitor's closet. "I heard he's good at taming rude bitches" she held my hand laughing I joined her too but didn't miss the minuscule smile coming from two of her minions. Only Tessa, Emma's best friend put up an infuriated face.
"How dare you lily" Emma roared trying to haul Lily's arm but I swatted hers before she did.
"Touch her and you will never be able to apply makeup ever again" I warned,my face foraying highlights of anger. She tensed and shifted back. I've never threatened anyone before but once you touch the people I care about then you gat me to worry about. She has always hated the fact that Tyler hangs out with me, something she has hungrily longed for but couldn't get. I told her that she can do whatever she wants with Tyler since I have no feelings what so ever for him. Then why bug me since you failed in an attempt of wooing your man. Not my fault.
"Now let's see,you took my man away from me,now you are planning on ruining my face. So much hate for one person I think" she continued in her slutty tone
"Can't you see Tyler doesn't give a fuck about you,it was a one night thing. Get over it" Lily disputed. "Plus,Gabriella doesn't love Tyler in the way you think,they've been friends for over a decade now,it's not her fault you couldn't keep your imaginary boyfriend,Tyler said so himself" lily defended.
Emma was utterly embarrassed cause a crowd had gathered. I must say,I was really proud of Lily's speech.
"Now Emma let's just go get lunch already" Emma's best friend Tessa suggested trying to prevent a world war three. Emma obliged and went off but not before glaring at Lily and scoffing away with her minions.

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