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Monday, 12 March 2018


Daniella's POV
I didn't know what to do anymore,I mean I wasn't raised for comebacks. I hated the fact that I let Melissa hurt me with her words every time but I'm too vulnerable to fight back.
Mum always reminds me that I'm 'an Anderson'. "We don't need to fight to prove how confident we are,it's always so natural" mum said.
Especially seeing Jared with her right now,I didn't know what to think anymore,Melisa always had this huge crush on Jared,he knew about it but played dumb.
I was oblivious to the fact that I was gawping them,then Beth elbowed me and I shook my head and brought out my lunch consisting of chicken salad. Mum didn't let me have my way when it came to food. The healthier the better right?
Jared took a seat from the other side of the table and joined us. Melisa did too.
Hannah and Christine were engaged in a tight conversation. Beth and Tori were laughing about something while Melisa typed away since I wasn't giving her any attention. That brings us to Jared and I.
"Daniella,there's something important I need to tell you" he muttered solemnly. I averted my gaze from my food and peered at him,oh he must be nervous since tonight was our engagement party.
Dad couldn't wait till we were eighteen,he wanted to partner with the woods so eagerly that he didn't ask me before making the plans. But who am I to disagree,I love Jared a lot and can't wait to make it official.
I was about asking him what's wrong until I heard a patter beside me I jinked immediately seeing Beth's hand covered in blood, I gasped a little bit too loud,I mean Beth doesn't get hurt she's extra careful about getting any injuries or scars. I turned to the direction she was glaring at,almost like steam coming from her ears my eyes landed on Jason,Beth's ex. He was with Kimberly,Beth's most hated being in the whole planet. It all started in freshman. When we attended a Friend's party,Beth wanted to get more drinks she came back clenching her fists,saying that she saw Kim straddling Jason on a sofa. She didn't talk to him for weeks but she got back with him saying he was drunk and Kim took advantage of it but nothing happened. Jason and Beth's relationship was so perfect,they were awarded as the best couple of the year But it all ended two months ago. Jason jilt the relationship without telling her what she did wrong. She pretended to be unaffected by it but I saw the pain in her eyes. I saw the defeat in her eyes,when I confronted her about it,she cried in my arms like a baby thinking that he left her for Kim. I offered to cut his balls which she laughed saying "you cant hold a knife properly,worry about yourself D" she teased.
I slept with her often times which was so devastating seeing her whimper. I even imagined my self getting heart broken by Jared, no no way. I won't be able to survive that. She made me swear never to tell anyone about how hard she cried. That's the way she is never letting anyone see her weakness beside me. I wished I could tap a little from that.
Just few days ago,I remember her telling me he kissed her and she being vulnerable about the whole thing,the best couple of the year changed to the most confusing. I mean,Jason broke up with her then why kiss her unawares since you don't love her anymore,that was what I wanted to know. Beth still loves Jason that I know of,at the mention of his name she feels weak but pretends by saying rude things about him.

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