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Tuesday, 13 March 2018


They were on a table with two guys who I recognised as shred and Liam, Jason's best friends and football players,Kim's best friend jade who is a cheerleader like she is.
She was on his lap,hands on his chest braying like a loon to whatever the guys were saying,Jason looked uninterested and would like to be anywhere but there. They noticed the sound cause Jason's eyes held emotion,pain,plead,anger at the same time.
He pushed Kim from him and she fell hard on her butt,i almost felt it. But like I said 'almost'.
"Oh my gosh,Beth you hurt yourself!" Tori exclaimed thinking the same about Beth getting hysterical whenever she saw a cut on her. I ignored Tori and held Beth's hand assessing it thoroughly for any broken glasses, she hauled her hand away from me and stood up sending daggers to Kim,I didn't know what to do, Kim was so scared fidgeting her escape root. But was surprised when Beth walked past them and away from the cafeteria. I heaved a sign of relief she didn't hurt anyone. Everyone gathered around our table mouth agape anticipating the fun. Weirdos.
I was about rushing to her aid but was stopped by Jared he held my wrists sending electric waves all over me. not now stupid hormones,Beth needs
"Look" he pointed to Jason's retreating figure. He's right let them be for now. Jason won't hurt her more than he already did,but what if he does. My overprotective side was kicking in,but I decided to check on her later.
"Wow,Beth didn't murder Kim" Melisa sounded surprised,she hated Kim as much as Beth and I..something about them being step sisters,they never got along. Melissa's dad got married to Kim's mum. rumours say Melissa's mum ran off with a billionaire after giving birth to Marcos,Melissa's five year old brother. "But she shouldn't have taken it that far" she pointed at the students still bickering about the whole incident. "such a drama Queen" she added. We all turned to glare at her but she raised her hands in defence and put it down.
Beth and Melissa weren't enemies just that they didn't quite get along cause of the fact that Beth stayed loyal to me whenever Melissa was around.
"School just keeps on getting better" Kate and Mecha chimed in,they grabbed their chairs and joined us.
"You are right girlfriend" mecha responded giggling.
"Did you get it on tape?" Kate asked.
"I sure did" mecha said excitedly . I rolled my eyes at them. But I noticed that Jared's chair was empty. He must have gone sometime between our discussion.
"Now Gabriella do you have a hint to why Beth didn't hurt Kim" Christine questioned making everyone including the rest of the students move their chairs closer to me to get my reply. I simply shrugged.
I heard the bell and decided to go meet Beth,leaving the bumptious Melisa,the genial gymnasts,and the boisterous news casters and the rest of the school body in petrified stupidity.
Tonight was the biggest day of my seventeen years of existence,I can't believe it i've been waiting on Ashton Kutcher to pop out from somewhere and tell me this was another episode of punk'd
Tonight would be the night I got engaged with Jared.
"Daniella,now look at the mirror" Perrie Manuel,my personal makeup artist said turning me around to face the mirror.
I was speechless,perrie was a pro when it came to makeup and accessories,but today's came out perfectly well. Not too much but just enough,the black liner made my sea green eyes look bigger. The eyebrows was so perfect like it was drawn on a paper board. The red lipstick stood out the most,it made me look hot and refined in a good way. My black long hair fell to my waist.
"Wow perrie I didn't even recognise Ms Anderson,you look so pretty" kira our housekeeper turned to me smiling,I smiled back too.
"Ms Anderson,hmm sorry Daniella" Ronnie our chief butler called holding a wine dress in a transparent polythene garment cover. mum designed it obviously from the label which read
M&A. M stands for Maureen her name whilst A stands for Anderson.
"It arrived just now" he remarked holding it out for me,I giggled collecting it. I went into my dresser but called Lydia my personal secretary and assistant to come help adjusting it. I came out and then....
"Oh my!,call the cops. An impostor is invading my daughter's room" my dad chimed happily going into my room fully.
I'm wearing a wine dress with deep plunging neckline on the fitted bodice, crossing spaghetti straps as they connect the V-neck bodice alluring open back. It has a seductive floor length tulle skirt with racy side slits on the matching lining beneath. ( Scroll to the top to check out the dress).
I looked so elegantly beautiful like a pageant queen or miss world kind of beauty. It suit my lipstick so well. With my sea green eyes as the best accessories.
. Everyone laughed at his joke. I smiled, oh dad. I ran to him,jumping in his arms.
"Hey dear Danie-bear,I'm almost fifty seven,stop jumping around" he playfully pushed me off him. Mum told me how hard it took her to get pregnant,she was twenty three and Dad was twenty eight when they got married,they were forced to get together because of some business agreement by both parent's. Fortunately,they became so in love and I've always wished to have that fairy tale ending. Dad stood by mum all through her difficulties of child birth until she bore me at the age of thirty five,Dad forty after twelve years of waiting. Since then dad wanted me to get married to The woods son Jared,he feels he is the right candidate in taking over his business and he trusts Mr wood,they've known each other since middle school and supported each other till date.
"Dad I've missed you so much" I said truthfully almost crying.
"Not fair,what about me D" I heard my mum's voice but turned around didn't see her,then I felt someone tap my shoulder. I yelped out of surprise and turned to give my mum a playful glare,she laughed enveloping me in a tight hug.
My parents went on a business trip to Africa for two weeks. I was used to the fact of them going out on trips. I've always been overprotected by my parents. whenever I went on tours,I wasn't allowed to step out. Well trained body guards followed me around,Dad made sure I wasn't out of their watch. I understood their fears,my father was one of the biggest billionaires in the country. He has his own export companies specialized in the distribution of oil,cars,hi tech materials and the likes. my mum,also a top fashion designer,she works with top actors,singers and has her own label.
I wanted to focus more on finishing school then I can take my singing career to a whole new level.
"You look stunning my child" she cupped my chin and stared at me with pale Hazel eyes,at fifty two she was ageing quickly,I smiled and brushed her brown hair using my fingers.
"Woof woof" Luna barked wagging her tail.
"Ohh Luna thinks the same" my dad laughed richly clutching his stomach. Then he pat Luna on the head and she licked his face
"Thanks mum" I replied.
"Woof woof" Luna barked again but this time angrily.
"Ohh thanks to you too Luna" I bent down kissing her cheek as everyone laughed at the dog's display of affection.
Woof woof oh don't you just love Luna.
Teaser:Gabriella's pov. Philip tutoring section. And
more fillers. Stay tuned.
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