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Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Gabriella's POV
"I want a cup of cappuccino and one almond bread" a customer said and I wrote it down and got to the counter passing the order note.
"Coming right up,why do you work so hard Gabriella?,it's not good for you at all" Molly,my twenty two year old co-worker said nodding disappointedly at me.
"I know that Molly,but I need to save up some money for college,scholarships don't pay hundred percent of tuition fees" I answered smiling at her.
"I thought your mum had a job?"
"Yes,but only an airplane attendant at the local level,not so much money coming from it" I frowned.
"Pray Gabriella, just pray and God will help out" Molly was very religious and she took matter with Christ very seriously. She goes about giving out her church pamphlets to our coworkers,and I always attend church services on Sundays too.
"I will Molly,thanks" I smiled at her and took the order and delivered it to an old Lady who smiled at me.
I got into a grocery store named 'Crazy Morris' I know right,weird name. I got out toiletries, fruits and vegetables,cereal packs for Matt,diaries and drinks,including chocolate bars and sweets. Yeah I loved sweets. Put them in a shopping cart and moved over to the billing line and when it got to my turn the sales boy got my groceries and swiped it in the billing thingy and I took out my purse and gave him some cash waiting on my change.
Out of the corner of my eye,I saw a pair of eyes staring intensely at me but I shook it off,I mean I'm in a grocery store for Pete's sake so people stare right?
Then I decided to turn around to see if the person was someone I know but as I did,the person disappeared.
Well,that was weird. I shook my head as the sales boy handed me my change and I took my groceries now packed in their signature paper bag and got out of the mini market.
I was now on my way home,when I spotted the creepy man from earlier,he wore a black face cap and hoodie so I wasn't able to dictate his face but I knew that he was a man judging from his huge muscle.
Then I started walking faster almost running now,he noticed too and increased his speed. Oh my Lord,what the heck is happening to me. My family didn't have anything to offer a kidnapper so why me of all people?
What if he wanted to rape me?
Or sell my body parts? Oh no,I won't die this way.
I sprinted like my life depended on it, well actually
yes,my life depends on my running capability.
I continued until I caught a glimpse of my home I turned back but didn't see the stranger. I heaved a sign of relief and ran to my home shutting and locking the door.
"Phew,he almost got me" I murmured.
"Who got you Gabriella?" My mum was staring at me confusedly,she was on the couch with my brother Matt.
Should I tell mum about the stranger? She would just get worked up over nothing so I chose not to tell her.
"Nothing Mum,I'm going upstairs now" I said while hurriedly dropping the groceries and sprinting to my room to avoid any more suspicions.
"Now mum you call me weird" I heard Matt say and I smiled a little before getting on my bed. As I did the first thing I saw on my study table was the permission slip given to me by Mrs Blinks,I knew for sure Mum wouldn't let me but I still needed to be sure. so I stood up and collected the permission slip and went downstairs.

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