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Friday, 16 March 2018


I was fiddling with the paper nervously when Mum said"hey again,what do you have there sweetie?"
I handed my Mum the permission slip and pouted looking at her.
"Stop it G,you're scaring the bugs away" Matt frowned picking up bugs from the table and placing it back in his glass for his science homework.
"Like you won't scare them yourself" I rolled my eyes at my little brother.
"Gabriella, this is too much. We can't afford a trip to London. As much as I want you on this but I can't honey,I'm sorry" Mum hugged me squeezing me lightly. I released my self from her embrace and looked at her.
"No Mum, Mrs Blinks took care of the expenses"
"What do you mean?" Mum asked
"We are going on a competition Mum,didn't you read it?"
"Oh crazy me,I saw the excursion part and my mind drifted to our money issues. I'm so happy my child,but what about Matt,you know how busy I am now" my mum scratched her blonde hair frowning at me.
I smiled at her "Lily's Mum agreed for Matt to come live with her for the main time Mum"
"I will be living with Maddie for four days?" Matt jumped up and down excitedly.
"Yes Matt"
"Mum,I'm so happy now. I will get to finish my science project with Maddie since we're partners" he ran off shaking his buttocks.
"You made him so happy G" my mum said smiling.
"I know mum,I know. So is that a yes?" I asked since she didn't actually agree yet.
She nodded and smiled. I couldn't wait to see London,I heard a lot about the beautiful country and now I was actually seeing it in real life. I hugged my pillow counting the time i had left before going for London. two days ten hours more. I couldn't wait.
"No Philip,i if you actually listened to my explanation you should have gotten it by now,what the hell is your problem huh?" I was getting so frustrated already,it's been two whole hours since we started this tutoring session after school and Philip didn't glance at his text book during all of it. He was typing away and smiling t
at his stupid phone.
"No need to get all angry Gabriella" he said emphasizing every letter of my name.
"I hate you so much" I glared at him.
"The feeling is mutual honey" he smiled at me getting up and going into the my fridge.
"What are you doing?,hey come back here" I yelled getting up too
"Trying to get some food" he answered like he was talking about the weather. He got out my chocolate bar and a nutella sandwich. He didn't
just do that,no one touches my sweets but me.
No one touches my chocolates but me.
And most of all no one touches my nutella
sandwich but me.
I pulled my sleeves forward and jumped on his back taking him on the floor,I collected my babies and ran off to the couch but not before smacking him hard on his butt. He gasped and touched his butt before getting up shamelessly.
"You whacked me hard,just cause of some lame chocolate" he glared at me.
"They are not lame you idiot" I took a bite of my nutella sandwich and moaned in delight. Oh this is pure heaven. He looked at me with pleading blue eyes and came to sit with me
"Hmm,Gabbie?" He started
"Huh?" I asked still moaning in delight.
"Hmm hmm,can I hmm," I looked at him then he continued "can I have a bite?" He begged
And that does it,I laughed my ass out falling on the floor and rolling over clutching my stomach.
"You-(laughs)- want- (laughs)- my- (laughs)-nutella-" I said in between laughs.
"Laugh all you want,I'm going home" he stood up and went towards the front door.
"Your tutoring session Philip,you didn't even get a thing"
"Remind me when I come next time" and with that he banged the door loudly and zoomed off.
Well that was weird.

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