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Sunday, 18 March 2018


Daniella's POV
Tonight is the night. when I say the night,I mean the night i actually got engaged to the love of my life Jared Woods. I was having an heady feeling and I couldn't be more happy.
I couldn't stop staring at my self in my mirror. So
"Now honey,if you don't stop staring at your elegant figure now,I don't think I can give you away no more my child" my Dad beamed childishly.
"Oh Dad,shall we proceed then?" I asked him giggling. He nodded and took my hand in his, leading us to our ball room where the engagement was being held.
If I said I wasn't as nervous as a suspect waiting on his final judgement in the law court then I would be lying. I mean,it's not everyday a young teen like me gets engaged. which I'm so happy about by the way.
As I entered into the large room fully,I see chandeliers hanging from the glistening foyer and the glass with shadows of it.
Business Men covered in three piece suits and women in elegant dinner gowns and full lengths swaying slowly in sync to the jazz 60's playing in the background,I tried to catch a glimpse as to where the music came from but couldn't.
I walked to the side seeing sophisticated and elegant women chattering and bickering about their rich business husbands or about jewelries but stopped to laugh unnecessarily every five minutes. I looked around and saw people actually trying to fight their way into the room but the professional and well trained security guards blocked their trail leaving them with no other choice but to leave the premises. I guess uninvited guests.
To the left, through the shining marble walls, I looked confusedly at some fans and photographers who were blocked by our large metal gates and repeatedly by security guards. They were holding out their phones and trying to capture every moment for repost. Capture all you want
people,this moment and others after this will be
memorable for me and everyone of you!
I wanted to yell but shook my head against it and took a glass of water from a server who just walked past.
"Hey honey,I'm so borrowing this dress" I turned to see Mrs Woods smiling at me,I blushed a little then hugged her,it's the right thing to do right?,since I'm getting engaged to her son I think. She patted my hair gently and looked at me again smiling.
"Hmm Mrs woods....Catherine" I immediately corrected myself when I saw her expression of disapproval and continued "where is Jared,I haven't seen him around yet?" I asked shyly.
"Don't worry my child,he's around here some where" she nodded then looked around and clapped her hands excitedly then pointed at a figure leaning on a wall,at the far end of the room. I could sense that something wasn't right with his attitude,I guess his anxiety was kicking in. I thanked her and was about to go meet Jared but stopped on my trail when I heard a familiar voice say "can I please have your attention everyone" everyone turned immediately and stopped their little talks to hear my father speak.

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