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Monday, 19 March 2018


"As we all know already,the Anderson's corporation is partnering with the Woods Venture Organisation this coming month and to celebrate the success' of both Companies. This big screen above my head will be displaying the achievements of both companies during the last years" he shifted his head displaying the screen and every one clapped at each significant profit,I was used to things like this and I enjoyed the fact that my dad achieved all this at a very tender age of twenty five when his father handed the company's ownership to him,I joined the audience in the cheer and the screen died down leaving all eyes on my Dad now.
My Dad urged Mr Woods on the stage and I knew what comes next. I was having one of those heebie-jeebies moment and couldn't stop chewing on my nails. It was the time for my Dad to call on the engagement in front of everyone including the paparazzi outside.
"We would also like to use this opportunity to announce to you all the engagement of my daughter Daniella Anderson and my soon to be son in-law Jared Woods" yeah,He said it!
Everyone erupted in heavy roars and rounds of clap coming on stage to congratulate Jared and i's Dad. I was glued to my spot then my Dad called for both Jared and I to come on stage. I did immediately,then looked at the spot where Jared was earlier but to find him gone,I looked around but couldn't find him.
Calm down Daniella, maybe he had an important
phone call to answer.
Phone call?,more important than this?
Or maybe he needed to... you know,get rid of the
smelly dude from his butt.
Eew,don't even get me started with that.
Or maybe he wanted to surprise you from the
back,guys do that all the time. My conscious mind concluded and I turned back to find no one beside both our Dad's looking confusedly at each other. I heard noise coming from the crowd outside the room,they were now taking pictures profusely not even stopping to blink,in fear that they may miss out on the important and juicy detail. Media
I went out of the ball room trying my best to put up a calm and collected posture and headed to the garden inside the main building for fresh air,no one was here which I thanked the Almighty for because I couldn't deal with questions or camera flashes right now. I could feel my eyes tearing up and I wiped it furiously. I know I'm ruining my makeup and that I should be worrying about but right now is not the time. I was hurt emotionally,disgraced in front of a whole lot of people,betrayed by someone I trusted the most. Now the more I think about it,Jared never really said he loved me or like me. Ugh,I'm such a fool. I sat on a swing and lightly pushed myself. I did this when I felt sad as a child until I heard someone call out my name.
"Daniella,oh thank God I found you" I saw a panting Jared holding out his hand for me. He looked so handsome even when he was sweating profusely,he still looked cute. I was almost blown away until I remembered what happened the last few minutes.
"Now tell me Jared!,why on earth do you want to see me!!,your name was called minimum of ten times but you didn't show up, leaving me all alone out there!!. And don't you dare tell me you didn't hear your name being called up, cause you and i know that we have a lot of speakers in every room of this house!" I yelled blocking away the stray tears threatening to be revealed leaving my voice a little shaky and uncalled for. I stood up and was about to leave when he held my hands,I looked up at him in pity. He ran his free hand on his beautiful dirty blonde hair I was dying to feel on my palms.

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