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Tuesday, 20 March 2018


"Please don't go Daniella, listen to what I have to say" he pleaded with soft blue eyes peering at mine.
"I don't need any explanation from you Mr!!!,you knew how I felt about you. didn't you?,but you chose to ignore it. So what do you want to tell me now,the fact that you can't get engaged to me because you don't have any feeling whatsoever for me!!!. Is that it you scoundrel!!" I roared in pain letting my tears fall all the way to my bare chest. I looked at him expecting him to tell me this was only a joke and to go back inside and exchange rings or it's only a nightmare but no!,I was wrong due to him being silent.
"That's what I thought" I laughed sarcastically.
"I do care about you Daniella,I do really" he murmured and I looked at him in expectation.
"But only as a younger sister D,I'm sorry" he added.
"Oh,so you're mocking me now right!!,why did it take you so long to realise all this eh!!,do you know how long I had those fantasies about us getting married Jared!!. My Dad was so excited about this whole partnering and Mum,my Mum stayed up all night trying to design and plan this whole....." I sobbed harder holding on to the nearest wall for support.
"I would never intentionally hurt you D,never! believe me,I swear, I wanted to tell you this earlier but couldn't bring myself to do it. Now tell me,do you want to be with someone who would never make you happy?,tell me D?" He inquired looking at me with almost teary eyes.
"At least my parents were" I answered truthfully.
"They can't make life changing decisions for us Daniella" he came closer to me but this time I didn't stop him.
"My parent's marriage was arranged,look at them now as happy as anything" I wiped my eyes folding my hands
"They are not us D,What if ours turned out bad"
"How will you know?,you didn't even give ours a chance did you?"he looked down in defeat.
" you deserve better Daniella,you are beautiful,talented and smart D,you deserve better. A guy who would treat you better,make all your dreams a reality" he said.
"It's Melissa right?" I asked quietly. He looked at me confusion clearly written all over his face.
"You left me for Melissa right?" I asked again more boldly.
"Melissa?,oh no no,she's like a leech Daniella,she's just too haughty and definitely not my type" he answered making me feel a tiny better,since he didn't leave me to get to bumptious Melissa. I guess I'm not his type either. I immediately remembered about the party inside,what was I supposed to tell my parents and the guest?,oh God,I'm doomed. Jared read my thoughts and looked at me saying...
"I have just the right idea" he half smiled clicking his fingers.
Five hours late r
I was in bed now still trying to catch some sleep but couldn't, the activities of the night still playing at the back of my head.
"Let's tell everyone you were the one who called
off the engagement D,I understand you are a public
figure now and it's better if you ended this not me.
People will talk but they will completely get over it
in an instant I promise". Jared words filled my ears and I hugged my pillow. I've never cried for something or someone my entire life before,seeing myself as a mess was all new to me. I didn't know what heartbreak meant but if it felt just like this,then I don't ever want to experience heartbreak ever again.
Jared told me to act like I called the engagement off myself in order to leave the embarrassing headline out of the way. Singer Daniella Anderson
dumped sadly on her engagement part y.
I was happy he was at least thoughtful to do this. Questions were asked on the reason I chose to call it off on the exact same day,but my parents brushed them off. Our parents were the only one's who knew the truth. The Woods begged on behalf of their son's last minute's confession. Dad was furious with Jared,he slapped him and almost beat him up and threatened to stop the Woods' from partnering with us but I begged him not to let his rage get in the way of a very good business deal. But after hours of calming him down he agreed to let them partner. Whilst my Mum hugged me for hours in my bed crying with me but I begged her to go rest in her room that I'd be fine. After minutes of protesting,she finally agreed and retired to hers.
Just tell me what I would do without my parents?
I talked with Beth over the phone. She couldn't come to the function cause she had this huge modeling campaign for Vogue cover magazine and couldn't miss out on it. She offered to sell Jared's body parts,which wasn't enough for the hatred I felt for him now. Even if he apologised countless times,sending thousands of messages that I was yet to open,voice mails and e-mails. I never knew I could love someone at the same time hate the same person over and over again. My brain was covered in fog now leaving me confused.
Yes,you are right.
Because Jared did this to me.
And I hate him for doing this to me.
Awwn,felt sad writing this..poor Daniella. (Sniffs
and blows nose into a toilet paper).
So guys next chapter will be a turn of events. So
please don't miss out. Whilst you wait,you can
check out my new story. "Sexcapades of a science student ".
Guys,I really want to know your thoughts about
this book and how to improve it. It saddens me
that no one comments at all.


  1. It interesting, love the lines. Good job

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